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Need some Gift Gift Ideas for your Boater?

As the holiday season fast approaches, maybe you’re stuck for an idea for the boater in your household or family. Let’s think about safety as an ultimate gift and review some options. If you like gadgets, or maybe your skipper does, think about one of the following safety devices:

• Flares – the old tried and true signaling method. Maybe you only have the handheld flares on your craft and want to purchase a flare gun to have an additional means to signal someone by launching them higher into the air than a hand held flare.

• SOS Distress Light – an alternative to flares, this device operates as a floating light with a strobe light to help alert others. Change the batteries per the manufacturers schedule and you can save the cost of replacing flares every few years.

• Personal Locator Beacon or Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon – both devices operate in a similar manner, sending out a coded message over a pre-determine frequency, to alert rescuers. EPIRBS are registered to the vessel while PLB is registered to a person. Both devices have become more and more affordable and provide an additional layer for notifying maritime authorities.

• Distress Flag – many boaters have the required distress flag, but simply leave it in its bag where it may get tossed around or simply gets old and forgotten. A new flag makes a great stocking stuffer.

• Whistle – another great safety device which is easily attached to a lifejacket. Again, another inexpensive stocking stuffer for everyone on your boat.


Have a safe and fun holiday season.
Flotilla 7-6 Station Fairport