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Vessel Safety Checks


What is a Vessel Safety Check?

The Vessel Safety Check is a FREE bow-to-stern inspection of your boat by a local and qualified member of the Rochester's  U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 4-2. It’s your best way to learn about potential problems that might put you in violation of state or federal laws, or — worse — create danger for you or your passengers on the water.

Things can go wrong on the water, with dangerous — even fatal — results. That’s why the U.S. Coast Guard recommends that you get a Vessel Safety Check (VSC) every year.

Scheduled Vessel Safety Check BLITZ(s)
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I Want a Vessel Safety Check?

Both the "U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and the United States Power Squadrons have certified vessel examiners who will perform a free Vessel Safety Check ("VSC") at your boat, at a time of mutual convenience. There is no charge, and no consequences if you don't pass. Our goal is simply to help make boating as safe as possible for you, your family and your friends, through education. Personal pleasure craft, only(*).

If you wish to sign-up for a Vessel Exam, Click Here!,

Have Your Boat Inspected - Do it NOW!

Provided by Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 4-2 Rochester, New York

Qualified Vessel Examiners of Rochester's Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 4-2 offer free safety checks to boaters who wish to be sure that their boats met all federal and state requirements.

These local Vessel Examiners who perform these checks are specially trained Auxiliarists who are kept informed on the latest legal requirements for boaters.

Vessel Examiners have no legal authority - their goal is to prevent boaters from getting equipment-related citations and to prevent safety-related accidents.  These safety checks are meant to be an educational experience.

The Vessel Examiners of Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 4-2 will check for all required items on board your boat and if everything is present and in good working order, they will award a decal to affix to your boat.  If you wish, they will also gladly explain the reason for the various safety equipment requirement and explain how safety equipment works

Vessel Inspection

Your Only Risk is Not Having One

Vessel Examiners issue no citations. There are no penalties for not successfully completing a Vessel Safety Check. The Vessel Examiners have absolutely NO Law Enforcement authority. Their job is to help the boater have a safe voyage.

Vessel Examiners provide you with a copy of the vessel safety check form, allowing you to make the recommended safety improvements at your own discretion.

And while the VSC decal won’t necessarily preclude random inspections by law enforcement authorities, it can give you confidence that such encounters are as positive as possible.

Need another reason? A large number of major insurance providers offer discounts for boats that successfully pass a Vessel Safety Check!

Sample VSC Decal

How It Works!

A Vessel Examiner will meet you at your boat at a prearranged time or during a VSC event at a marina, boat ramp, etc.

The Examiner will check the presence and condition of approximately fifteen items required by state and federal regulations.  Additionally, they will discuss items that are recommended but not required ... and answer your questions on boating safety.

A typical Vessel Safety Check takes approximately twenty minutes. At the conclusion of the check, you’ll receive a copy of the Vessel Safety Check form and — if your vessel successfully meets all the requirements — a VSC decal will be presented on the spot.

What Does a Vessel Safety Check Cover and how can I prepare?

Vessel Safety Checks are customized for various size powerboats, personal watercraft (PWCs), sailboats, and even kayaks, canoes, or rowboats.

You can go to "Vessel Examination & Partner Visitation Web Site" and find the information needed to get your vessel examined. To get to that page, Click Here.