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Replacing Boater Card

Replacing a lost or damaged Boater Safety Card

If you have damaged or lost your Boater Safety Card, there is a chance that you can get it replaced for a small fee instead of taking the boater safety course over again.

What to Do!
If you took the course from the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, contact the Flotilla 4-2 POC (Point-of-Contact) at 585-233-2565. The POC will question you about the matter and get you started down the correct path to possibly replacing the card.

If you qualify, the cost for a replacement card is $15.00. You can pay on our website via PayPal or Credit Card once you have been instructed what to do by our POC.

Please feel free to email any questions to

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 4-2

Boater Safety Card Replacement - PAY ON LINE

Do not send any fees until instructed to do so by the Flotilla Point-of-Contact.

Flotilla 4-2
Rochester, New York
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