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Tips for Safety on the Water During the Summer 2024 Boating Season

Summer offers the perfect opportunity to relish local waterways. Whether you're into boating, fishing, or water sports, it's crucial to practice responsibility both on and in the water. The Safe Boating Campaign, spearheaded by the National Safe Boating Council and the U.S. Coast Guard, provides these safety tips for boaters:

1.Wear a life jacket. No matter what activity you have planned on the
water, always remember to wear a life jacket every time you are on the water.
Accidents on the water can happen much too fast to reach and put on a stowed
life jacket.

2.Make sure your life jacket is U.S. Coast Guard approved, appropriate for
your water activity and fits properly. A life jacket that is too large or too
small can cause different situational problems.

3.Know state boating laws. Rules and laws can differ from state to state
and violations can result in ticketing, fines or jail time.

4.Take a boating safety course. Learn valuable tips that can help save your
life in unexpected situations.

5.Make sure your boat is prepared. There are many items that need to be
checked and rechecked on any boat. Schedule a Vessel Safety Check with your
local U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary or U.S. Power Squadrons before you hit the
water. Every Vessel Safety Check is conducted 100 percent free of charge.

6.Always file a float plan. File a float plan before you leave shore with
someone you trust that includes details about the trip, boat, persons, towing
or trailer vehicle, communication equipment, and emergency contacts.

7.Check the weather, including the water temperature. Know the latest
marine weather forecast prior to going out, and keep a regular check for
changing conditions.

8.Don’t drink while you boat. Where the primary cause was known, alcohol
was listed as a leading factor in boating-related deaths.

9.Beware of carbon monoxide poisoning. Gasoline-powered engines on boats,
including onboard generators, produce carbon monoxide (CO), a colorless and
odorless gas that can poison or kill someone who breathes too much of it. Be
sure to install and maintain a working CO detector, never block exhaust
outlets, and always dock, beach or anchor at least 20 feet away from the
nearest boat that is running a generator or engine.

10.Keep in touch. Communication devices
can be the most important piece of emergency equipment on board a vessel,
especially in case of emergency. Be sure to have and know how to use at least
two communication devices that work when wet, such as satellite phones,
emergency position indicating radio beacons (EPIRB), VHF radios, and personal
locator beacons (PLB).

By following these tips, you can enjoy your boat, the water, sunshine and fresh air responsibly. For additional boating resources and tips, please visit 

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Tue, 09 Feb 21  

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