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Flotilla 5-2 Uniform Information


The most usual uniform for Members is the Tropical Blue Long, which consists of a light blue USAF epaulet shirt, CG Blue trousers (skirt for the ladies, if wanted), a black web belt with silver buckle and tip (Aux emblem buckle optional), Auxiliary nameplate, and Auxiliary epaulets.

An easier-to-acquire alternative is the Blazer Combination, which consists of medium gray dress slacks (skirt), white plain collar shirt (blouse), black dress belt, and a navy blue blazer.  The Auxiliary blazer emblem is worn on the jacket breast pocket, and a CG Blue tie or necktab is worn on the shirt.  This combination can also be changed in a Semi-formal uniform by wearing a black bow tie or necktab.

The blazer jacket can also have silver Auxiliary buttons, if wanted.  The only caveat is that the trousers (skirt) MUST be commercial,dress clothing, not Dockers or other casual pants.

The ODU is the operational duty uniform and consists of a BDU-style two-pocket long sleeve blouse and  BDU-style six pocket trousers both in CG Blue, worn with embroidered nametape over right pocket and USCG Auxiliary tape over left pocket, insignia of office on collar points, a CGAuxiliary blue tee shirt, CGAuxiliary blue baseball cap with office insignia, and black 6" or 8" safety boots OR all-white or all-black athletic shoes OR blue or brown deck shoes.  The blouse may be tucked-in style or untucked style. A rigger's belt or black web belt with BDU black buckle may be worn.

Uniform items may NOT be worn with civilian clothing.  If a uniform is worn, it should be complete, well-kept, and presentable, with no civilian additions.

At the July 2016 meeting, it was decided to allow the ODU uniform to be worn to any and all business meeting.