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Vessel Safety Checks

Safe Boats Help Save Lives!

Sample VSC Sticker

A Vessel Safety Check ensures the vessel and its equipment comply with federal, state, and local safety requirements.

Some of the inspected items include:

Fire extinguishers
Backfire flame control
Sound producing devices
Visual distress signals
Life jackets
State and local requirements
Navigation lights
Proper display of numbers
Overall vessel condition

Vessel Safety Check Benefits

The purpose of the Vessel Safety Check program is two-fold: to ensure your craft is safe from bow to stern, and to add to your enjoyment of boating. A Vessel Safety Check May Help:

Prevent citations by ensuring your vessel meets federal, state, and local safety equipment requirements
Identify possible equipment defects and costly breakdowns
Increase safe boating practices to help you avoid accidents and injuries
Provide a better understanding and use and care of your marine safety equipment

Boating Safety Education

During the Vessel Safety Check, the vessel examiner discusses the purpose of the marine safety equipment and how it applies to federal, state, and local regulations.

The examiner also reviews local boating conditions, answers any boating related safety questions, and encourages additional boater education.

Educational topics include:

Accident reporting
Charts and aids
Survival tips
Fueling/fuel management
Float plan
Weather and water conditions
Safe boating classes

What Does It Cost?

Absolutely NOTHING! The Vessel Safety Check is a FREE service provided by the Coast Guard Auxiliary, United States Power Squadrons, and many state boating agencies.

How Do I Schedule a Vessel Safety Check For My Boat?

Simply click on the the I Want a Vessel Safety Check link and submit the form.