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New Member Resources

New Member Resources

Here is a collection of slideshows that may prove helpful to new Auxiliarists 


Opportunities for Training


Below are training portals available to members.  The lists of courses are non-exhaustive.  
Certain classes are also offered in person through C-School.  To attend C-School, you must sign up, be selected, and offered orders to attend.  


Involvement Plan

What are your plans for your participation in the Auxiliary? 



How to Log Your Time

Logging your time can be confusing at first.  The two most commonly used forms are the 7029 and 7030. 

  • 7029 Member Activity Log
    • Access the 7029 form HERE.  It is a webform and can be submitted online.
    • Use the 7029 to log your time attending meetings.  For members, use code 99E.  For officers, use code 99A.  
    • 7029 is also used to log training.  Log under code 99D.
    • The full list of 7029 codes can be viewed HERE
    • Here is the 7029 FAQ

  • 7030 Member Activity Report
    • The 7030 comes in both an e-form PDF and a normal PDF.  You can tell which you are on because the e-form has a big red submit button where the normal PDF has just local notes. The normal PDF form has 8 additional pages of instructions which can be helpful for filling out the e-form.   
    • The 7030 is used as an activity report.  It is used for public affairs, boat patrols, communications, recruiting assistance, public education, and many more things.  


Uniform Division of the Human Resources Directorate 

Photo of Common Uniforms
The most commonly worn uniforms in Flotilla 18-6 are the Tropical Blue and the Operational Dress Uniforms.  Those two uniforms should be your starting point.


Ordering Uniforms

  • Uniform Distribution Center
    • Uniforms may be ordered through email, by mail, or over the phone.
    • Every non-Auxillary specific uniform part is available   
    • You will need your Auxiliary Member Number to purchase items
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Association
    • Stocks Auxiliary specific items like name tags, buttons, devices, shoulder boards, and ribbons.

Coast Guard Reading List

The Coast Guard reading list is updated every year.  Click HERE for the latest collection.