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Flotilla 6-3 Member Training

Members Courses

Members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary are afforded great training opportunities in a wide variety of fields.  These range from basic New Member Training, and Boat Crew or Air Crew training, to advanced training in Navigation, Seamanship, Search and Rescue, Communications, Patrols, Weather and other Marine Safety subjects.  Auxiliarists may take any unclassified correspondence course from the Coast Guard Institute, and selected members may attend National-level training schools/courses as well.  Other Department of Homeland Security agencies' training courses are often made available to those interested in supporting those agencies.  Many of the courses also have a practical component which requires "hands on" demonstration of skills learned. 

Other specialty training programs include  Vessel Examiner, Uninspected Tow Boat Examiner, Commercial Fishing Vessel Examiner, Uninspected Passenger Vessel (6Pack) Examiner, Marine Dealer Visitor, Marine Environmental Programs, etc.

Much of the training is designed to be done on your home computer through the auxiliary's ETrain System.  This allows the student to progress at his/her own pace.  Some final exams are Open Book while some are Closed and require a Proctor to conduct.

No matter where your interests lie, the Coast Guard Auxiliary has a training program that's right for you.


Visit our National Website at for more information on the auxiliary and its programs.