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AUX Culinary Assistance (AUXCA)

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What is AUXCA (Culinary Assistance)?

The Auxiliary Culinary Assistance (AUXCA) program promotes and maintains food service in floating and land-based facilities in support of USCG operational, admin, and logistical requirements. 

AUXCA Specialists are trained by certified AUXCA Instructors and/or USCG Active-Duty Culinary Specialists II and above using Coast Guard Approved AUXCA Program guides. Classroom training is followed by hands on training. A Personnel Qualification Standard is completed within one year of training. An Annual Sanitation Course is also required. Additional requirements may be necessary based on the competency desired.

Why become an AUXCA qualified?

  • USCG is authorized 1250 Culinary Specialist (CS) positions in 370 galleys, however the service is still short by 300+ cooks
  • The need is so great that a $50K bonus is currently being offered to enlist as CS with an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts, and a $40K bonus without degree
  • Qualified AUX attaining the AUXCA qualification can dramatically and immediately reduce the impact of this shortage by providing a stopgap service to keep Coast Guard Units operational and execute their required Missions.

How can you help?

  • Have a willingness to support the USCG in the galley
  • Discuss this interest in the AUXCA program with your FC
  • Apply for the AUXCA Basic Course program
  • Be interviewed by the Division 6 SO-CA to participate in the course
  • MUST COMPLETE the AUXCA Basic Course prerequisites prior to the course
  • Attend the AUXCA Basic Course and complete the AUXCA PQS within 1 year to attain an AUXCA qualification
  • Accept AUXCA mission assignments from the Division 6 SO-CA

 Want to get AUXCA qualified?

Contact the Division 6 SO-CA for more information:



Tue, 10 Jan 23   Posted by: Glenn Colaco