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Flotilla 04-07 Metairie, Lousiana

 Division 4, 8th Coastal Region
The Uniformed Civilian Component of the U.S. Coast Guard
(Authorized by Congress in 1939)

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. We are an all-volunteer uniformed service that assists the regular and reserve members of the US Coast Guard in carrying out most of their missions. You can find auxiliary members performing a variety of missions, on the water (boating safety patrols, classes and vessel checks), in the air (primarily assisting with search and rescue and environmental patrols) or responding in the case of natural disasters. There a a very extensive skillsets and capabilities that Auxiliarists are bringing to the table that are unsurpassable.

Candidates must complete an application to join, will need to have thier fingerprints taken by a USCG Auxiliary Fingerprint Technician (we have several in our Flotilla), go through a CG background/security check -this is the part that takes the longest in the process-, take several online courses given by both the Coast Guard auxiliary (you will find additional information on the section New to the Auxiliary) and pass a New Member exam, take an approved Boating Safety class (online or in-person), have a photo (in uniform) taken for ID card purposes and pay local and national annual dues (Currently $50, total payable to Flotilla 04-07). More details below.

Fill out what you can, and we will work with you on the rest. We are here to help. The documentation, the New Member Exam along with the boating safety course can be done without your CGAux membership number while you are waiting for it to be assigned, but they are an important part of your Application package.

Here are the forms and study guide you will need to complete::

Application Form

New Member Study Guide

New Member Exam

Exam Answer Sheet 

Membership Consent Form

Photo ID Card Form

The photo that we need to take for your ID Card is with the Tropical Blue Uniform Shirt and a red background. We can have your picture taken at any of our regular meetings. (We can lend you a shirt for the picture as we assume you may not have one). Please note that the ID card will not be processed until you achieve BQ status and it may take few weeks after that.

Individuals that served in the Armed Forces should submit their form DD214. 

To become Basically Qualified -BQ-  (this is after your application has been accepted -AP status- and you have been initially qualified -IQ status-) you will need the Safe Boating Course completed.

You can take one of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries approved course online or take the free About Boating Safely Class offered by Flotilla 04-07 Instructors. Check the ABS link for available classes in your area

Welcome Aboard!