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Flotilla 15-3 Member Training


The member-training website known as the “U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Virtual Classroom” has moved to a new location, and is now called the “Coast Guard Auxiliary – Online Classroom”. The new link (URL) to the Online Classroom is .  There are a number of interesting courses on this site.  Take a couple of minutes and review the courses and if you find one interesting, go ahead and register.
This training is focused on working together as a team in regards to risk management.  The course must be completed once every five (5) years for everyone involved in operational surface patrols and for radio watchstanders.  It must be completed every two (2) years for those in AUXFS.  The one (1) hour refresher course must be taken each year between the full four (4) hour course.
Division 15 will  conduct the TCT training session and everyone in the division is invited to attend. 
Please visit the Division 15 site "" on how to register for the classes.
These specialty courses are designed for those interested in furthering their knowledge in the different aspects of surface operations and patrols.  The courses specifically relate to how these subjects are used in surface operations.  These courses also count toward achieving the AUXOP rating.
Both our flotilla and Division 15 will be conducting the training, everyone is invited to attend. The courses vary in length and may take anywhere from a single day to requiring a member to return for a number of sessions.

This specialty program is scheduled by ADSO-HR/AUXFS multiple times during the year.  It requires the TCT course and the Hepatitis A shots (series of 2 shots taken 6 months apart.)  The Vaccination is available from any USCG Health Services facility.  Additionally, there is a "Sanitation" class taken every other year via the web.  The 4 hour TCT is repeated every two years.
For more information, contact the ADSO-HR - AC via