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Local Boating Information

Division 14
 Who to Contact For:

Aids To Navigation (ATON) Buoys, Dayboards, Range Lights, Bridge Lights etc:
          ANT JACKSONVILLE BEACH  904-241-8401/8422
          ANT PONCE INLET 386-427-3227

Recreational Boating Accidents, wake zone violations, law enforcement, wildlife or manatees:
          Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)
          state wide  888-404-FWCC
          Jacksonville  386-758-0525

Damaged or Missing State No Wake Signs:  866-405-2869
          or email 

Foreign or Commercial Vessels:
          Integrated Command Center (ICC)
          904-564-7511/12   24 hours.   Fax 904-564-7519
          Blount Island Command  904-751-2827 EXT 5

Prevention Dept- Domestic Vessels
           904-564-7650   Fax 904-564-7651

Commercial Vessel Licensing - Regional Exam Center (REC)
          Miami 800-982-9374
          Charleston 800-836-1511

          (There are NO USCG exam centers in the Jacksonville area.)

Search And Rescue - 24 Hours Sector Jax   904-564-7511/12

Waterways Management - Obstructions, Abandoned Vessels,
          Bridge problems:   904-564-7563/7566

Marine Event Permits:   904-564-7566

USCG Recruiter:   877-NOW-USCG  - US WIDE

USCG Mayport Exchange:   Uniforms, Ribbons etc. 904-247-8740
Station Mayport:   904-564-7592

Station Ponce Inlet:   386-428-9084/85

USCG Finance Center:    800-564-5504

Florida Inland Navigation District - ICW on East Coast of Florida:

USCG Documentation Center:  800 799 8362

National Response Center:  24 hour Hazardous/Oil Spill/AWW
          Reporting:             800-424-8802