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The Story 
White Eagle
(as told to Susie Shimamoto)



J. Gilbarty: (showing gory photo of a swollen
and bloody puncture wound on his leg):  "Look at this picture.
I was bitten by a water moccasin."
S. Shimamoto:  "Did you catch
J. Gilbarty:  "No, I didn't even see
S. Shimamoto:  "Then how did you
know it was a water moccasin bite?"

J. Gilbarty:  "Because the Indians told me."
(Laughter from the entire crew)
J. Gilbarty:  "I went to the hospital
the next morning and the doctor at Baptist Hospital said it looked like a
water moccasin bite but you should be dead."
"When I told the Indians, they said to me:
'Oh, you have a great white spirit.  You should be dead.  You are a
Great White Eagle.' And now they call me 'White Eagle'."
Later on patrol:
P. Liashek:  "Lady and Gents and White
J. Gilbarty:  "White Eagle."
P. Liashek:  "Whatever."
Later on patrol:
J. Gilbarty:  "I saw this special on
discovering the ancient city of Herculaneum and how they found highly advanced
medical tools with precision workmanship..."
R. Natole:  "There's a lot of
unexplained stuff."
P. Liashek:  "Especially on this
Even later on patrol:
J. Gilbarty:  "They call me 'White

P. Liashek (mumbing under his breath): "...among other things..."