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There are many websites available that are meant to offer help and information on various subjects that involve the Auxiliary. Below is a list of sites that may be most useful in your search for information and help.

IT Group - Access to all How to Guides.

Forms - pdf, and e-forms (7000 series), travel, Incident Command and Boat Force forms as well as others.

AuxInfo - Access to Auxdata cubes, national reports, Auxms cubes and a "new user" site.

New Member National Help Desk - Answers questions not found else ware  and an opportunity to submit comments directly to IT.

Member Resources - List links to many different websites, forms and information on the Auxiliary.

District Map -  Shows map of districts and allows locating local flotillas.

My AUX - Generalized information and news on the Auxiliary.

Department of Home Security (DHS) -  Auxiliary information.

Twitter Site - Link to USCG Auxiliary site.

Wikipedia Site - Link to all you ever want to know about the Auxiliary.