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NACO 3-Star Award for Excellence in Diversity Management


 Goal #1 - Create a Positive Environment


1.1. Appoint a Flotilla Diversity Advisor.

Manny Sosa FSO-DV and SO-DV.


1.2. Publish at least one article on diversity awareness in the flotilla newsletter per year.

Published Diversity related article in Channel Marker every month, and two articles in two months.


1.3. Conduct one in-Flotilla diversity member training session per year. (Materials are on the Diversity Website or see your DSO-DV.)

Micro-Aggression / Micro-Inequity; 21st Century Recruiting Best Practices; Diversity Awareness; all eight (8) GMT training classes x 2

Y/ N

1.4. Target all local neighborhoods and cultures in the community of the Flotilla in the Flotilla recruiting action plan.

Hispanic Cultural events; local community events (baseball, fishing tournaments, boat races); enrolled Polish Deli as Program Visitor Partner; did not prepare a formal Flotilla Recruiting Action Plan.


1.5. Document a minimum of six meetings per year attended by 50% of the Flotilla membership.

Meeting announcements and special programs; FSO-HR made personal phone calls to non-participants; FC FC and VFC made one-on-one appeals; same 10 or so members who don’t attend, don’t participate and won’t disenroll.


1.6. FC and/or VFC VFC must attend leadership training at the District or National level as per AUXDATA. 

FC and VFC had orders to attend D-Train; only FC attended.

 Goal #2 - Value all Members


2.1. Document informal/additional awards and recognition programs and specify actions taken for a positive reinforcement of member actions and behavior.

Division-wide Presidential Volunteer Program; Past Division Commanders’ Association Award Writing Team; AUXDATA analysis for annual Division Awards; Flotilla Member of the Year award.


2.2. List a minimum of two routine communications with all members, i.e.: newsletter, Flotilla meeting notes, staff meetings with notes distributed.

Meeting minutes, Channel Marker Newsletter, Flotilla WOW webpage, Flotilla PE GoDaddy webpage, Facebook presence.


2.3. Conduct exit interviews for all members leaving the Auxiliary and forward to the DSO-PS via the SO-PS. 

Sometimes, when exiting member agrees to participate or return the requested survey. Exit interview results are forwarded to DSO-HR via the Disenrollment / Voluntary Termination form. FC contacted members who had not paid.


2.4. Retain 90% of members each year – less than a 10%-member Disenrollment or retirement each year. 

80 out of 85 members retained = 94%


2.5. Show 65% of members are involved in Auxiliary activities according to AUXDATA.

AUXINFO shows 60 members participated in activities in 2015 out of 85 members = 71%


2.6. List a minimum of four fellowship activities sponsored by the Flotilla throughout the year for all members and their families and friends.

(1) fellowship break at every monthly meeting; cultural celebrations such as St. Patty’s Day, Cinco De Mayo or Hispanic Heritage Month, Native American Awareness month; (2) A Flotilla picnic at a local park; (3) a “Take-A-Coastie Fishing” (4) extended fellowship after each meeting at O’Keefe’s Irish Pub.

 Goal #3 - Promote Individual Success


3.1. Assign a formal mentor to each new member for his/her first year of membership.

Mentors are assigned by the FSO-HR; applicant may request a member by name.


3.2. Utilize the Mentor Involvement Plan to help new members plan their involvement and training.

FSO-HR presents the Member Involvement Plan in the new member package and key areas of interest are discussed during the early interviews and meetings.


3.3. Provide written goals and expectations for all Flotilla staff and committee positions to all members at the beginning of the year. 

A Staff Officer’s initial member is conducted in January, after appointments are made, and each appointed officer is asked to present their goals for the year and their analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) to missions and staff functions.


3.4. Provide all Staff Officers with specific written job descriptions upon appointment.

Staff Officer are directed to Member Resources District 7 web page to download their respective job descriptions; January Staff Officer’s meeting; Staff Officers may or may/ not be provided a copy of the job description with their appointment certificate.


3.5. Establish a Flotilla Staff Officer mentoring program.

Immediate prior FSOs usually agree to assist and mentor and is encouraged to serve as appointed AFSO; Nuts and Bolts presentation; intended appointees who are AP serve and perform with an Officer of Record formally appointed who mentors the AP status appointee. Members interested in holding an officer are encouraged to serve as Assistant Staff Officers before becoming the FSO. 


3.6. Provide adequate access to meetings for members and potential members with disabilities.

2015 meetings and ABS classes were conducted at Cheek-Powell Pavilion, part of the Morton-Plant complex which is fully ADA-compliant; staff and committee meetings are typically conducted at public facilities that are ADA-compliant (libraries, community centers, city or county buildings, town halls, and court houses to name a few).

  Goal #4 - Carry out Diverse Outreach Activities in the Community


4.1. Expand their outreach to the underrepresented populations in the community where they exist.

Deviney Boese Foundation safe boating lunch; participated and attended meetings for four (4) community development projects and organization meetings; representation on the Military Affairs Committee of the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce; Coast Guard Liaison Officer to the Tampa Bay Veterans’ Alliance; FSO-DV is an active member in the Honor Flights program for senior Veterans.


4.2. Complete not less than three outreach recruitment activities or events that have taken the membership into a diverse area of their AOR.

North Marina Area Plan, a Clearwater revitalization program; new member and candidate orientation meetings; guest and visitor invitations to flotilla meetings; “Winterfest”, Indian Rocks Beach with a PA booth; supported outreach missions such as Food Pantry, Children’s mission trips.


4.3. Use outreach to reinforce what has been learned in a diversity training to optimize and sustain a culturally competent organization.

Used “21st Century Best Practices in Recruiting” training session to provide tactics and techniques for recruiting potential members to sustain a volunteer workforce from the employed and retired citizen ranks; an annual diversity calendar with upcoming cultural and ethnic celebrations is often presented at Flotilla and Division meetings by SO-DV.


4.4. Sustain an inclusive organization through booths at cultural events, sharing the Auxiliary experiences and lessons learned.

Public Affairs and recruiting booths at Hispanic Cultural event; PA and recruiting booths at numerous local community events (baseball, fishing tournaments, boat races); enrolled Polish Deli as Program Visitor Partner.


4.5. Develop leaders, strengthen relationships, and enhance trust within the diverse community in the Flotilla AOR.


Recognition of prior military leaders via Veterans Honor Roll; VFC appointed as Division Lay Leader; business leaders asked to apply experiences, expertise, and lessons learned; Flotilla “adopted a Coastie” family in need; teamed with Adopt and Island to clean up two islands in the Clearwater and Dunedin area.


4.6. The organization builds capacity for ongoing change in organizational thinking, planning, strategies and structure.

Special programs by visiting dignitaries or experts; lessons learned from Search and Rescue “case studies.”