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Flotilla 6-5 Uniform Information

  1. To order a Mustang PDF directly from the manufacturer, use this order form.  Call the toll-free number to get the correct price, then fax it directly to them at the provided phone number.  At this time, they offer free ground shipping.
  2. For uniforms, devices, operational gear, etc., visit the District 7 Materials page.  Uniforms for both men and women can be found here as well as the ODU shorts. 
  3. For uniforms, ODUs, Foul Weather Parka, etc., visit the U.S. Coast Guard Uniform Distribution Center.  Uniforms for both men and women can be found here.  Click on "Placing Orders" which takes you to their selection of goods.  You can use any browser to view this page; to place orders, however, you will have to use Internet Explorer.
  4. For ODU shorts, you can also try Cutter Agent.  
  5. For ball caps, covers, garrison caps, name tags, belt buckles, sew-on and metal devices, patches, visit the Auxiliary Center [AuxCen].
  6. For more uniform-related purchases, visit Lighthouse Uniform Company.  This vendor is rather limited to uniforms for men and even that selection is limited.  They offer shoulder boards [men only], metal and cloth insignia and devices, belt buckles, shoes [men], socks, and dress uniforms [men].
  7. For insignia, belt buckles, ribbons, name tapes, try Vanguard.
  8. For uniform name tags, badges, insignia, nametape, try Uniform Nametape.
  9. To figure out your hat size, click here.

Uniform DCAM 1--Grooming Standards, Hair