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Flotilla 3-4 Uniform Information

It is important we remember that we are the uniformed volunteer force of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.  When you act as an Auxiliarist, you represent the Auxiliary, the Coast Guard, and the  United States. When you are viewed by the public, they see the Coast Guard.  Remember, we all took the oath to wear the uniform neat and with pride.  Please utilize this page to familiarize yourself with the Uniforms of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Follow the tab located underneath labeled "Division Guide to Uniforms" for a further in-depth presentation. 

 Tropical Blue Uniform

Tropical Blue UniformTropical Blue UniformTropical Blue Uniform

Tropical Blues of most commonly known as "Trops" is the uniform of the day in the 7th District.  It is one of the first uniforms members should buy.  It is worn with either the garrison cap or the combination cap.  This uniform is normally worn for meetings, PE Classes, Boat Shows, and etc.


Operational Dress Uniform (ODU's) 

ODU Uniform 

 Operational Dress Uniform is most commonly known as ODU's and is appropriate for many of the operations of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.  It should be the second uniform you purchase as it allows you to participate in more Auxiliary activities. 

Dress Uniforms 

Dinner Dress BlueService Dress Blue UniformWinder Dress Blue Uniform

Left to Right: Dinner Dress Blue, Service Dress Blue, Winter Dress Blue 


 Dinner Formal Dress Uniforms

Dinner Dress BlueDinner Dress White

 Left to Right: Dinner Dress Blue (Dress Mess Blue), Dinner Dress White (Dress Mess White) 

Service Dress White Dinner Dress White

 Left to Right: Service Dress Whites, Dinner Dress Whites