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Vessel Safety Checks

For Information about having Auxiliarists coming to visit your marina, yacht club, boat ramp etc. contact: call (828) 478-4455

What is a Vessel Safety Check?

A Vessel Safety Check is an inspection of your boat performed with you and a volunteer member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. The primary goal of a safety inspection is to discuss with you required safety equipment and safety features specific to your boat. Results of the Safety Check are not reported to anyone.

A boat either passes or fails. If your boat passes the Safety Check, a Decal is affixed, indicating all required equipment is aboard and functioning properly. This decal is also known as "The Seal of Safety" and your boat is recognized by law enforcement agencies as being equipped with the required safety items.

If your boat fails, a decal is not given and you will receive a list of the missing or damaged items which need to be attended to for your boat to meet Federal and State requirements. Upon acquiring or repairing these items you may contact the Auxiliarist who will re-inspect your boat. If everything is in order, a "Seal of Safety" decal will then be issued.

"Boat Smart, From the Start!"
Do You Have Enough Life Jackets?

Are they in Excellent Condition? Where are They? Are they still in the packaging you purchased them in (They shouldn't be)? If your life depended on a Life Jacket, would you be comfortable going into the water with any one of the Life Jackets on your boat? Do you have the right sizes available for children or large adults? Does your Life Jacket have a light so you can be seen after dark? What is in the pockets of your Life Jacket? Is other survival gear such as a mirror or die marker attached to your life vest?

Why Should I Sign Up for a Vessel Safety Check?

Insure your Boat is safe for you, your family and guests
Discuss your boat with a fellow boater who is also a trained and experienced member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.
Results are confidential. We do not give any information about you or your boat to anyone and no tickets or summonses are ever issued.
It's FREE and convenient we come to you at your boat.
Boats that pass the Safety Check receive a "Seal of Safety" decal.
What Do I need to Pass a Safety Inspection?

The requirements are different based on the size of you boat. The following is a list of some of the items we check:

  • Registration # on boat with proper spacing
  • Registration Certificate on board
  • Navigation Lights in working order
  • 3 current day and night flares
  • Wearable and throwable life preservers
  • Distress flag (18 ft & over)
  • All boats must carry a sound producing device (whistle, horn, siren, etc.) capable of a 4-second blast audible for ½ mile
  • Boats larger than 39.4 ft. are required to have a bell
  • Pollution Placard and Trash Placard (26 ft & over)
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Blower working and Proper Ventilation
  • Backfire flame arrestor (gasoline engines)
  • Anchor & sufficient line
  • Oar or paddle (under 16 ft)
  • Bilge pumps in working order
  • Battery terminals covered and in good condition
  • Holding tank for head
  • Boats 39.4 feet & over must have on board a current copy of the Navigation Rules

Interested in a Free Vessel Safety Check? We will meet you at your boat. Send us an email and an Auxiliarist will contact you to make an appointment. Please include a phone number with the best time to contact you and the town or marina in which your boat is located.