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Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall - Vessel Inspection Directive

B. 46 CFR 25.30
C. 46 CFR 28.160
D. USCG Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Examination – (Form CG-5587)
E. Vessel Safety Check Manual, COMDTINST M16796.8 (series)
1. Purpose. This ALCOAST announces the enforcement, dockside examination, vessel safety
check, and vessel inspection procedures for vessels with a recalled Kidde Fire Extinguisher.
2. Discussion.
  A. On November 2, 2017, Kidde issued a voluntary recall, REF (A), of two styles of
disposable fire extinguishers that identified 142 models of Kidde fire extinguishers with
plastic handles or push button indicators manufactured between January 1, 1973 and
September 22, 2017; these extinguishers can become clogged or require excessive force to
discharge and can fail to activate during a fire emergency. In addition, the nozzle can
detach with enough force to pose an impact hazard.  
  B. Presently, the recalled fire extinguishers remain approved by the Coast Guard and
COMDT (CG-ENG) is working with the manufacturer to more fully understand the risk of
3. Action. Effective immediately, adhere to the following enforcement, inspection, and
examination procedures:
  A. Educate the owner and/or operator of any inspected or uninspected vessel with a
recalled Kidde fire extinguisher onboard about the recall and replacement process for
getting a new fire extinguisher. The recall and replacement procedures can be found at
the following websites:
    (a) Consumer Products Safety Commission:
    (b) Marine Safety Alert:
CG-5PC/INV/Alerts/1217.pdf. Do not issue a written warning or violation solely based on
the presence of a voluntary recalled Kidde fire extinguisher that otherwise appears in
good and serviceable condition. If asked about the risk associated with the recalled
fire extinguishers, advise the owner and/or operator to REF (A).
  B. Dockside Commercial Fishing Vessel Examinations: Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety
Examiners (CFVE) shall continue to document CFVS exams and issue safety decals IAW
current policy for both mandatory and voluntary exams. The presence of recalled fire
extinguishers shall not prevent the issuance of a safety decal even if the fire
extinguishers subject to this recall are used to fulfill carriage requirements found
in REFs (B) and (C). If all requirements for issuing a decal are otherwise met, then
issue a safety decal but note on the “Continuation Sheet” of REF (D) that the CFV has
recalled fire extinguishers aboard and that the CFVE notified the owner and/or operator
of the CFV of the recall.
  C. Auxiliary and U.S. Power Squadron Vessel Safety Checks (VSC): Recalled fire
extinguishers shall not prevent issuance of a VSC decal. Vessel Examiners shall issue
a VSC decal to any vessel that receives a VSC in which a recalled fire extinguisher is
on board and needed to meet carriage requirements when all other VSC requirements are
met IAW REF (E).
If a recalled extinguisher is found and fulfills a carriage requirement, the vessel
examiner shall annotate the VSC form by placing an asterisk and the word "RECALL" next
to item 5, Fire Extinguishers, and provide a copy of the recall notice to the vessel
owner. Vessel Examiners shall retain a copy of any VSC form annotated pursuant to this
message until further notice. Auxiliary vessel examiners shall inform anyone requesting
a VSC of the recall and the prudence in replacing recalled fire extinguishers.
  D. All other Inspected vessels: Educate all owners and/or operators of vessels with
a recalled Kidde fire extinguisher onboard on the recall and replacement process for
getting a new, non-recalled fire extinguisher. No enforcement action or deficiencies
will be documented (e.g., COMDT (CG-835)), but please record notification of recall
in MISLE activity narrative.
4. POCs.
  A. Auxiliary VSC: BMCM Dennis OConnell, COMDT (CG-BSX-12), (202) 372-1265,
  B. Recreational Boating: Joseph Carro, COMDT (CG-BSX-2), (202) 372-1068,
  C. CFV Dockside Exams: Joseph Myers, COMDT (CG-CVC-3), (202) 372-1249,
  D. Inspected Vessels: CDR Jennifer Hnatow, COMDT (CG-CVC-1), (202) 372-1215,
  E. MLE: CDR Kristi Bernstein, COMDT (CG-MLE-2), (202) 372-2166,
For questions related to USCG approval of portable fire extinguishers, please send an
email to:
5. Released by RDML J. P Nadeau, Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy.
6. Internet release is authorized