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Auxiliary Culinary Assistant

Tue, 11 Jun 24  

Culinary Assistant

Rhonda and Butch Willette of Flotilla 10-5 supporting Station Oak Island as Auxiliary Culinary Assistant (AUXCA}


Note - This program's name was recently change for AUXFS (Food Service) to AUXCA (Culinary Assistance)

What does the fully qualified AUXCA do?

  • Provide culinary assistance to Active Duty at a small boat station (like Station Oak Island)
  • Work with Active-Duty Culinary Service Workers (CS) at larger CG Dining Facilities
  • Provide Food Service assistance for Auxiliary events.
  • Cover special VIP events for Active Duty and/or Auxiliary.
  • Serve in the galley of a cutter.

What's required to become AUXCA qualified?

  • A desire to serve.
  • A desire and capacity to learn new skills. 
  • A passion for following procedure regarding food safety and sanitation.
  • The time to be involved at least a minimal amount (12 hours a year)
  • NOTE - Cooking experience is NOT required.

What's the process of becoming AUXCA qualified? 

  • Complete an 18-hour AUXCA class - offered from time to time around the district.
  • Take the Introduction to Risk Management Class available on the Auxiliary Learning web site.
  • Be current with the Mandated Training Courses (MANTR)
  • Complete an annual on-line sanitation course.
  • Have a routine medical screening by a CG Medial Officer or a Private Physician
  • Have a Hepatitis A shot series (2 shots, 6 months apart)
  • Have a TB test. 
  • Completion of the AUXCA PQS (Performance Qualification Standard)

What about other costs and issues?

  • Uniforms - AUXCAs normally wear ODUs with member devices while working in a CG Dining Facility   VIP event and some larger facilities may require chef whites.
  • Personal travel costs - AUXCA members may be funded for travel.  However, berthing is often available at stations and meal will be provided while working.

What are the rewards? 

  • Knowing that you have provided a good, wholesome, well-prepared meal to Active-Duty members, your fellow Auxiliarists, or even members of the general public is the primary reward. 


  •   Contact your SO-CA (via AUXDIRECTORY) and let her or him know you are willing to serve.  




To learn more about this program, visit the link below:
Culinary Assistance Program (