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Offshore towing training with CG

Flotilla 10-5 Sea Operations provide operational boats (facilities) and trained crews to support the Coast Guard at Station Oak Island,

Sea Operations patrols and crew training are core Flotilla activities.

Coxswain and Crew are trained and qualified in accordance with the current Auxiliary Boat Crew Training Manual, COMDTINST M16794.51 (Series).

Patrols are performed in accordance with the Auxiliary Operations Policy Manual.  

Operations Staff officer (FSO-OP) coordinates the Flotilla's capabilities with the Coast Guard support needs.

Coxswains request and receive orders for patrols that are multi-mission in nature.

Patrol Orders and management are coordinated online at Data Order Management.

Watch standing is provided by Station Oak Island for all patrols.

Flotilla Member Training Staff officer (FSO-MT) coordinates all basic training classes

AUXOP certification signifies the highest level of Operations training

Patrols types include: 


 Training with the US Coast Guard


10-5 Facilities and Crew act as a training resource for Coast Guard crews to stay current in towing procedures and techniques


Assisting CG towing training

 Attaching a towing line for astern towing.


Passing a heaving line to attach a towing line on a larger vessel.


 CG passing heaving line to Aux vessel


Making up the heaving line while bringing in the tow line for astern towing.


Making up heaving line from CG vessel 


 Assist with Boarding Practice


CGA vesse as boarding target 


Assist with Boarding Procedures


Boarding training with CG 



Assist in Search and Rescue


CGA facility during actual Search and Rescue patol

 Search for missing diver

Divers assisting during Search and Rescue patrol