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Flotilla 6-3 Uniform Information


The information provided here is intended to assist members in acquiring Auxiliary uniforms.  It is not intended to endorse any particular supplier or to supersede any of the information contained in official USCG Auxiliary publications such as the Uniforms chapter of the Auxiliary Manual.  The information should be particularly helpful to new members.  For complete uniform information:

First - consult the Uniform Procurement Guide (a link is provided below) 

Second - check Chapter 10 of the Auxiliary Manual which can be reached from:  Auxiliary Manuals and Instructions site


Why wear a uniform?

We are uniformed volunteer organization that supports the United States Coast Guard.  Proper appearance in uniform promotes a professional image of the member the Auxiliary AND the Coast Guard.  Auxiliarists should be proud of their membership and wear the uniform properly.


When do I need to wear a uniform?

Uniforms are recommended at all Auxiliary functions and required at some.  The event announcement should prescribe any required uniform; however, if not, inquire of the Flotilla Commander or any other member.

Members are not required to wear a uniform to monthly meetings, but it is strongly encouraged.  The standard meeting uniform for Flotilla 63 is the “Tropical Blue Long” (sometimes referred to simply as “Trops”).  Patrol uniforms are defined by the patrol coxswain.


What Uniforms should I buy?

If members only wish to buy one uniform, the tropical blue long is the most widely used in the Hampton Roads area among F63 members.  In addition to meetings, it is worn to attend many CG and Auxiliary training courses, conferences, and other activities, it can be worn on patrol (if consistent with other crew members and okay’d by the coxswain), it is worn to teach Auxiliary courses to the public, and it is worn to Public Affairs events like the Boat Shows.

The next most likely uniform to be worn is for those who become involved in some type of operations.  It is the ODU which can be worn with bloused legs and boots or if underway then with straight legs and deck shoes.  The Auxiliary ball cap is the only authorized ODU headgear and the Gore-Tex Foul Weather Parka II (FWPII) is the standard coat.  Several other jackets are currently authorized for the ODUs (AUXMAN page 10-77, PDF page 502), but their "wear-out" date is Dec 2012. 

Proceeding in order of likely use following the Trops and ODUs are the Service Dress Blue (Bravo), Dinner Dress Blue and then the Dinner Dress Blue Jacket (for winter) and Dinner Dress White Jacket (for summer).  These dress uniforms are typically worn for banquets and evening Changes of Watch.

The details for properly wearing each uniform are described further in the Auxiliary Manual.


Where do I buy Uniforms?

There are a variety of sources for uniform components, and it is totally up to the member to decide which to use.  Flotilla 63 has the advantage of being very close to a Training Center Yorktown (TCY) with an exchange, so that is an easy source and allows for uniforms to be tried on.  The staff there also is very helpful with fit, and set up and other uniform-related details.  Prices at the exchange tend to be competitive and there is no tax or shipping.  Another local option is military surplus stores – GI Joes.  Again, very price competitive and convenient, but they will not know anything about Auxiliary uniform components.  Less convenient, but still an excellent source if the TCY Exchange is out of stock is the USCG Uniform Distribution Center and the big CG Exchange in Chesapeake (see below). Finally, there are internet-based sources such as Lighthouse Uniforms that offer uniform components (see Procurement Guide).

You can order ODU name tapes at the TCY Tailor shop.

The Uniform Distribution Center has all the basic uniform items members need and a quick turn-around for delivery, but not many Auxiliary-specific items (Aux caps, insignia, etc.).  Order online or over the phone.  Here is the link:


The Coast Guard Exchange in Chesapeake generally has a decent stock of uniform items and Aux items including Aux T-shirts, caps, insignia, etc.  Here's the address, Ctrl+Click for the map.

1589 Crossways Boulevard

Chesapeake, VA  23320

Phone (757) 965-3880(757) 965-3880

Hours:  Mon - Sat 10 am - 9 pm / Sunday 11 am - 6 pm

map to this location>>>


Another great source for the cap and other Auxiliary uniform items is the Auxiliary 5th District Store.  You can also order Aux logo civilian clothing (polos, denim shirts, etc.) there.  



For any non-Auxiliary sources, members should make sure the item fully complies with our uniform requirements.