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Using AIMS

How to Use the Auxiliary Incident Management System (AIMS):   

AIMS automatically sends phone and email messages to members in the event of an emergency or a broadcast announcement.  But if we don’t know what we need to do and how to respond to the phone calls and e-mails, it is worthless.

AIMS has two different Categories of Messages, Emergency and Standard.  Emergency messages are used to notify members about emergency events such as hurricanes, floods, a disaster, etc.. Standard messages are for notifying the members about non-emergency events (unit meetings, picnics, PE Instructors or Aids needed, Boat Shows, Boat Coxswains and Crews needed, etc.).  

Here’s what all members need to do to help AIMS be a continuing success.

1.  Correct contact information is necessary.  Annually, verify that your information in AUXDATA (addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses) is correct.  If you have changed your phone numbers, your e-mail addresses, or have moved, you need to have the information in AUXDATA updated to reflect the changes when that occurs.  If you do not like the contact sequence order (the order of phone calls and e-mails AIMS uses), contact the AIMS Coordinator, Donna Gilroy and she will send you an update contact information request form. 

2.  E-mail Notifications are simple!  First read the e-mail.  If it is a Notification, you need only to click on “REPLY” and then “SEND”.  This is because the leadership is trying to ensure that you have received the message and needs to know who has been contacted.  If it is any other type of message, there will be options for you to choose. Again click on “REPLY”, type your choice of response and click on “SEND”. This will let your leadership know which option is correct for you.  This will log a reply response from you and terminate any further calls or e-mails on this message.

3.  Phone call Notifications are also straight forward.  Once you receive a phone call, if it begins with “Please stand by for an important message from the Coast Guard Auxiliary Leadership … “ carefully listen and if it is a notification message simply Press “1” on the phone BEFORE the end of the message.   If it is not a notification message, there will be options to select from.  Carefully listen to the options, PRESS the appropriate number BEFORE the end of the message.  Again the system will log a reply from you and terminate any future call or e-mails on this message for you. 

4.  Don’t get fooled by voice messages on answering machines. They are recordings and responding to them has no effect. If you are listening to a voice mail, either wait for the next phone call or respond by replying using the e-mail message.  If all else fails, call your Flotilla Commander and pass the information to him/her. 

5.  Emergency Notifications (actual or test) should be acknowledged as soon as possible.  The FC or VFC is obligated to determine why an individual failed to acknowledge an Emergency Notification.