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Auxiliary membership is open to all citizens of the United States and its territories and possessions, who are at least 17 years old.  Facility (boat, aircraft or radio station) ownership is a plus but is NOT required.  Individuals with any special training or previous experience in any of Auxiliary's program and mission areas are especially encouraged to join.  Membership is also open to all active duty or former members of any of the uniformed services and their reserve organizations.

Gaining membership is easy.  Before deciding, we encourage prospective members to join us at a regular meeting, meet Flotilla members, and get a feel for the nature of the organization.  If you elect to proceed, our Flotilla human resources (recruiting) officer will see that you receive a packet of information about the Auxiliary.  When you are ready, a short exam on that information is given.  Upon successful completion of the exam your complete application is submitted to the Auxiliary for processing.  Once processed, you are "initially qualified" (IQ), and after completion of a recognized boating safety course, you achieve "Basic Qualification" (BQ).  However, membership processing also requires a background check which can take up to several months to complete.  During this time, prospective new members are permitted to begin participating in many auxiliary functions, including the many training opportunities provided.  Once the background check is complete, you are pledged as a member.  You are then able to participate in all Flotilla and Auxiliary activities, and you continue to pursue the training of your choice (as it is offered)..



Once in the Auxiliary, you can immediately begin providing a valuable service to the local boating public and the Coast Guard.  Your efforts are appreciated by all who benefit by your time and expertise.  You meet new friends and find time to relax, exchange sea stories, and learn from others' experiences.  You have the opportunity to increase your knowledge of boating safety, attend training classes, and improve your boating skills.  Like all volunteer organizations, we are also in need of leaders and training opportunities exist for those who are interested.



Members have the opportunity to participate in essentially any activity of the regular Coast Guard except for law enforcement.  Below are short descriptions of some of the more popular forms of participation.


Operations...become certified as crew or coxswain and participate in on-the-water patrols and associated activities with other Auxiliarists, local Coast Guard personnel, and other local government agencies.  Perform aids to navigation inspections, work with Coast Guard trainees, attend marine regatta events, and participate in Search and Rescue activities.


Public Education...become a certified instructor delivering courses and helping the boating public learn to become safer and more knowledgeable.  Better boating skills benefit all boaters.


Program Visitor...become a certified Program Visitor and regularly visit your choice of local establishments where boaters may frequent.  Keep literature racks full and become a ready source of boating information for the business owner.  Businesses are not required to be directly associated with boating to be in the Visitor Program.


Vessel Safety Checks...become a certified vessel examiner and help to insure that boaters have the mandatory safety equipment onboard to contribute to a safe boating experience and thus have the ability to respond to problems should they arise. long lasting friendships when members gather to share sea stories.  Flotilla 6-3 generally holds a picnic during the summer, a holiday party, change of watch ceremony, and other social events as interest dictates and schedules permit.

In addition to these common areas of participation, there are many others to suit individual's personal interests.   Some members even participate in the Auxiliary food service program (AuxFS).

Another example of personal interest is efforts in historical research.  In September 2019 F63 member Edwin Nieves was presented with the Individual Achievement Award which is a national award given to one person annually.  This award recognized Dr. Nieves for his contribution in preserving the Coast Guard's history and providing over 647 volunteer hours recording the oral history of people impacted by the destructive hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Southeastern and Caribbean areas of operation in 2017.



Flotilla 6-3 members pay annual dues of $42.


Members are authorized (and encouraged) to wear uniforms proudly and correctly.  This is done in accordance with US Coast Guard and US Coast Guard Auxiliary Policy.  Many Auxiliary activities that deal with the public require members to appear in uniform.  Uniforms are available for purchase from a variety of sources including the Exchanges at the Yorktown Training Center and in Chesapeake.  The minimum uniform is not extremely costly and the type of uniform varies depending on the member's participation.  The uniform for meetings and public affairs events (like boat shows) is our "Tropical Blue Long" uniform.  For those who become active in the boat crew program we wear the "Operational Dress Uniform" (ODU).


Additional uniform items, supplies, and gear can be purchased by the member at their discretion.


Training material is provided or available on the internet.  There is no cost to members for training materials or attendance.  If you have the time, we provide the training.

Flotilla 6-3 is fortunate to have access to a variety of US Coast Guard activities and facilities, particularly at the Sector Virginia office in Portsmouth, VA and Training Center Yorktown (TCY).


Contact our Human Resources/Recruiting Officer for additional membership information.