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"Where The Action Is!"

Picture of Patrol Under Way on Boat

Operations is the heart of the Coast Guard Auxiliary mission. Auxiliarists are where the action is, whether it's safety patrols along the Portsmouth waterfront, cruising the fishing hot spots, or conducting marine safety patrols in areas that include the James River, Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, Elizabeth Rivers, or the ICW to the Great Bridge Lock. Auxiliary patrols always stand ready to offer assistance to the recreational boater.  Flotilla, 57 is an integral part of Team Coast Guard and works closely with the Little Creek CG Station along with providing for all of District 5 SR.
Picture of boat being towed by USCG AUX patrol vessel

Member Qualifications

Members must earn crew and coxswain ratings to qualify for operations. Surface Patrol members are trained in various elements of boat handling and navigation, as well as search and rescue. Training is available in seven operational areas through advanced courses, including weather, communications, and meteorology.  Members must earn pilot, aircrew, and observer ratings to qualify for air operations.  Additional requirements for air operations also apply.  

Picture of USCG Helocopter Operations

"Team Coast Guard"

Auxiliary members provide important operational support to the U.S. Coast Guard and are considered members of "Team Coast Guard." Patrols are often called upon for search and rescue assistance. In addition, special patrols may check navigational markers, update charts, or monitor the waters for hazards and environmental pollution. Division 5 is active in cooperation with Coast Guard Station Portsmouth and it supports the Hampton Roads Sector.

image of Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary boats during joint operations

Above - Joint Coast Guard and CG Auxiliary Operations


Picture of USCG AUX PWCPATROL Boating Events 

Auxiliarists take a front row seat as they secure spectator areas at regattas and other boating events. At the request of the Coast Guard, patrols assist in maintaining safe perimeters for on the water recreation.

AOR: Atlantic Ocean to the James and Elizabeth Rivers.
Chesapeake Bay to the NC State Line