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Division 16 Monthly Fun Fact

 Disney Cruise Line passenger rescued by US Coast Guard


USCG WWI Donald Duck

Learn more of the role Donald Duck in the USCG during WWII

 Donald Duck during WW II

 Life-Saving Service & Coast Guard Stations

 Learn about the most famous life-saving stations built in 1848 here in New Jersey

 Life Saving Services in NJ

 K9C Sinbad, USCG (Ret.)

Sinbad (our dog) who was honorably discharged from the US Coast Guard on 21 September 1948 is buried at the base of the Barnegat Light House in NJ?

Click on the image below to learn more of this amazing member of the US Coast Guard who was "assigned to damage control" on board the USCGC CAMPBELL (WMEC 900) during WWII.

  K9C Sinbad, USCG (Ret.)