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Vessel Safety Check

         2020 BOATING SAFETY 


Start your boating summer safely with a free Vessel Safety Check from the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary



         A Vessel Safety Check (VFC) with a Decal is a complementary free safety inspection of a Recreational BOAT, PWC or Paddle Craft conducted by a trained and certified U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel Examiner.  

A VSC helps to ensure your vessel meets current Federal safety standards.  Items reviewed during the VSC include number, type, and condition of life jackets and fire extinguishers, emergency distress signals, navigation lights, ventilation, and registration and numbering. While not mandatory, a marine VHF-FM radio, dewatering device(s), anchor, and a first aid kit are also recommended

Boats passing safety checks are awarded a VSC decal that indicates your boat was in full compliance with all Federal and State boating safety regulations at the time of inspection.  A successful VSC may also qualify you for a discount from your boat insurance company.  If your vessel does not meet the requirements, your Vessel Examiner will provide you with information on what corrective action needs to be taken to bring your boat into compliance to receive your VSC decal.  No citations are issued for safety violations discovered during a VSC.Get your Vessel Safety Check today and BOAT SMART FROM THE START!

Contact one of our Flotilla VSC Examiners or schedule today! click here... 


 Rocco Polomano  FC , call or text  610-656-0204

 Michael Boettcher FSO-VE,

 Kenneth Chandler     

 James T Walton   

 Daniel Amoroso


Vessel Safety Checklist

What do the Boat / Vessel inspectors look for?  Very helpful Click on this  link... to learn more!


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Free Digital Nautical Charts

 Effective April 13, 2014, NOAA will longer offer traditional lithographic paper charts. NOAA will continue to provide other forms of nautical charts, including print-on-demand charts and versions for electronic charting systems. Web links for these resources are:
NOAA printable BookletChart: 

NOAA electronic navigational charts (NOAA ENC(r)): 


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