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Aviation Training - Air Observer

TRAINING – Air Observer - Steps to Achievement:

The following is the list of requirements to fulfill to qualify for the first level of the AUX Air program which is "Air Observer"

Step One:
Submit the Air Program Questionnaire to District Staff Officer for Aviation (DSO-AV) 

Step Two:
Download and print out the Auxiliary Air Observer Initial Qualification Syllabus

Step Three:
Take the online FEMA ICS Courses ICS-100.b and ICS-700.a

**Make sure to print out/save the completion certificates and then forward to your Flotilla
Commander so that they can be entered into the AUX Data system.

Step Four:
Read and study the Auxiliary Aviation Training Manual

After reviewing the manual, you must take the Pilot Test "A" on the National Testing Center website. It is an open book exam and to pass the exam, you must score 90% or above.

Step Five:
Submit a Direct Operations (DO) security clearance application. The DSO-AV will request to have the DO clearance conducted for you with DIRAUX. This entails having your fingerprints taken and submitting an online background investigation application as directed by the DIRAUX staff. This is a time sensitive process and MUST be coordinated with your DSO-AV and Assistant District Staff Officer for Aviation Training (ADSO-AVT).

Step Six:
Go for training flights with a flight crew. You must complete all the above steps, Crew Resource Management Course (AUX-17), swim test, egress training and safety seminar before you can fly. You need a total of 10 hours of flight time to receive official your Air Observer qualification.

Additional Items:
For all the items below, the AUXAIR Program personnel will be providing training dates throughout the year as the courses/seminars are offered.

• Air Safety Seminar - You will have attend the Air Safety Seminar annually
• Egress Training - You will have to attend the Annual Egress training annually
• AUX-17 C School – “Crew Resource Management” - This course needs to be taken every 5 years.
• Swim Test - you need to attend the Swim Test one time per year - it is usually held up to two times a year - Fall and Spring