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PaddleCraft Survey Form

Link to OP Paddle Craft form Click Here

 Alternately, a web-based form can now be used, click link below -   CG AUX Member Zone sign-on is required. 

  *** There are Two ways to use the form

1) Qualified VE: engage the Paddlecraft user/ owner  and ask for name, addr, etc. You can perform a Vessel Safety Check while gathering the info.

  • Fill out a Form # 7012a -Paddle Craft Inspection Checklist
  • Then file your VSCs on Form #7038- Vessel Safety Checks
  • Submit that form to your FSO-IS officer for entry into AUXDATA and to your FSO-VE
  • Using the information on your 7012a, fill out a Wild Water 2.0 Survey and send the survey to SLIS: and/or
  • Report your preparation time, travel time to and from, and any expenses on your Form #7029 and put the hours in column "99B" (RBS) 


2) All Auxilarist's: From any distance, gather information. Use of  Binoculars is OK. Basically, record as much as you can gather on the Interview form.

If you observe someone using a paddle craft while on personal time

  • Fill out a Wild Water 2.0 Survey and submit the survey to: and/or
  • Enter your time spent on a Form #7029 putting the hours in the "99B" column (RBS)