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How to join 014-22-01

Step 1. 7001 Enrollment Application Form

Click here to download "7001 Enrollment Application Form". (For best results please open with Adobe Acrobat for all downloads)

Please save the form to your computer, complete and print it.

Before you start please verify your official USPS address, County and ZIP+4 at;

Tab through each field and make sure something is in box.

Don’t leave fields blank use N/A and also click on check button if one at bottom of page.

Middle name in full for applicant and parents very important! Mother’s maiden name in full.
If no middle name use “NMN” for middle name.

Please note that the application must be printed single side only.

Bring all documents to next Flotilla meeting.

Page 2 (Verification of Citizenship) should have a copy of supporting documentation.

In addition to the copy, bring the original document for verification by Fingerprint Technician or other authorized officer. This could be either your birth certificate or passport.

Date and sign page 2 Section VII Applicant Signature.

Date and sign page 5, Authorization for Release of Information.

If you have completed a boating safety course, include a copy of your Boating Safety Certificate from the Auxiliary or other authorized course provider.

Step 2. CGAuxA-10 Coast Guard Auxiliary Association Membership Consent Form

Click here to download the "CGAuxA-10 - CGAuxA, Inc Consent to Membership" form

Print and sign for submission with enrollment application.

Step 3. New Member Course Exam

New members should access the online study guide.
It has sample questions after every section.
There is an online exam of 30 multiple choice questions.
Passing grade is 80%
It is an open book exam, and you may refer to the study guide.

New Member Student Study Guide.

New Member On-Line Exam. Flotilla you are applying to join is 014-22-01
You do not have to sign into Google. At bottom select that a copy is sent to you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Bob Hoey, FSO-HR


I look forward to seeing you at our next Flotilla Meeting at the Huntington Yacht Club, 95 E. Shore Rd. Huntington, NY 11743 ( 040 53’ 45” 073 25’20”) We meet on the third Wednesday of the month. Meeting starts at 7:30 (1930).

 Click here for a message from FSO-HR, BOB HOEY