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Purchase Auxiliary Uniforms


We have two ways to buy Coast Guard Auxiliary uniforms.  The first, and most convenient is by ordering them through the Coast Guard Exchange on-line catalog.  To order on-line, you will first need to set up an account by clicking on this link.  Once on the page, click on the tab labeled "For Coast Guard Auxiliary Personnel" and enter your personal information to confirm your eligibility to shop on the CG Exchange web site.  You will need your email address and your member ID number.

Buy the Operational Duty Uniform (ODU) from the Coast Guard Exchange (CGX)

Buy the Tropical Blue uniform (Trops) from the Coast Guard Exchange (CGX)

Buy the Auxiliary Working Uniform


The other option is buy uniforms in-person at a Coast Guard Exchange, or to visit the Coast Guard Academy where you can buy uniforms from the Clothing Locker.  It's nice to be able to try them on, since the sizes tend to run a little bit small.  Call in advance to verify their hours and make sure they have what you're looking for.

There are other companies that sell official uniforms, but you will pay a premium for the convenience. Then there's always ebay, but buyer beware.  There's a lot of out-dated or unauthorized uniform items out there. 

   Lighthouse Uniform Company

   Cutter Agent

  Medals & Ribbons

   EZ Rack Builder 

   Military Medals 

Auxiliary Specific Items

   Vanguard Badges and Devices