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Boating Safety Resources

Free Vessel Safety Check

The Coast Guard Auxiliary has certified vessel examiners who will perform a free Vessel Safety Check ("VSC") at your boat.

If your boat doesn't pass, you will not face any consequences. The vessel examiner will help show you what you need to do get your vessel in compliance. If your boat passes the VSC, you will get a decal to display on board. Our goal is to help make sure you, your family, and your friends stay safe when you're on the water.

If you'd like to schedule a VSC in the Manhattan area, please contact Slawomir Samuel Adams, the flotilla staff officer for vessel examinations, at

If you reside outside the New York City area, you can submit a request on the national website here.

USCG Float Plan

Float Plan sampleWhether you are a power boater or kayaker, filing a float plan is a very important part of boating safely.

The USCG Float Plan is a convenient and easy tool that lets you save a basic plan ahead of time and save it on your computer. Update it when you decide where and when you're going to go. Then e-mail your completed plan to someone you trust who will know to follow up if you don't return or check-in as planned.

Why should you prepare a float plan? Because without a float plan you are counting on someone else (a friend, neighbor, or family member) to remember all the detailed information that rescue personnel need in order to find you. That information can make a difference in the outcome of a search-and-rescue operation.

Access this tool here: FLOAT PLAN CENTRAL

New York State Boaters Guide / Local Notice to Mariners

These are two essential resources for recreational boaters who use New York's waterways.

The NYS Boaters Guide, published by the state's Office of Parks, Recreation and Historical Preservation, outlines state laws and regulations as well as safety information. You can download the guide for free in PDF form from here:

The Local Notice to Mariners, posted weekly by the U.S. Coast Guard, is the primary means for disseminating information concerning aids to navigation, hazards to navigation, and other items of marine information of interest to mariners on the waters of the United States. These notices are essential to all navigators for the purpose of keeping their charts. You can access the latest and recent LNMs for District 1 here:

Boat Responsibly

The Coast Guard's Boating Safety Division's official website has many more resources, including a breakdown of federal regulations, navigation rules, marine safety alerts, and recalls.

Everyone in the boating community needs to do their part to keep us safe. Please take advantage of all these resources, always wear your life jacket, and boat responsibly!

Don't delay, visit today.

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U.S. Coast Guard Mobile App

As the nation's recreational boating safety coordinator, the Coast Guard works to minimize loss of life, personal injury, property damage, and environmental harm. Our boating safety program involves public education programs, regulation of boat design and construction, approval of boating safety equipment, and vessel safety checks for compliance with federal and state safety requirements. The Coast Guard Mobile App supports these missions by providing the essential services and information most commonly requested by boaters. Learn more about the app here as well as how to download it for either iOS or Android: USCG Boating Safety Mobile App

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