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Division 2 Member Training


*NEW* You can now get all of the information that you need to find and complete member training on one page!  Click the link below to go to the member training page: training opportunities within Division 2 will be posted below.

For other MT opportunities around the District, please see the Division Calendar

TCT and ICS-210 courses within District 1SR, click here.

For online ICS courses, please see

 Division 2 Proctors:
  • Joe Antonaccio
  • Fred Klapproth
  • Paulette Nedrow

AUXOP Specialty Courses

Members are encouraged to take a couple of AUXOP courses each off season. The AUXOP, or "Operational Auxiliarist" Program is an advanced training program available to members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary who wish to increase their practical relevance to Coast Guard missions, and better assist the Coast Guard to fulfill needed skill sets. Members who successfully complete their training are authorized to wear the prestigious AUXOP Device, shown here, and their membership level advances from Initially Qualified (IQ) or Basic Qualified (BQ) to Operational Auxiliarist (AX), or just "AUXOP".

The program has sometimes been called the "Ph.D of the Auxiliary", and members who attain AUXOP status should be justly proud of their accomplishment, increased utility to the Auxiliary and to the Coast Guard, and in their ability to serve as role models for their shipmates. For more information, including how to qualify for AUXOP Status, go to

Stay tuned for course announcements!

AUXLMS - Auxiliary Learning Management System

The Auxiliary Learning Management System (AUXLMS) has been implemented to support and record training of members. With the automated system in place, all existing members must now complete 8 mandated courses by the end of 2016. The courses are:

  • DHS Together - Resilience Training
  • Security Education and Training Awareness (SETA)
  • Privacy at DHS / Protecting Personal Information
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
  • Civil Rights Awareness
  • Ethics 1 / Personal Gifts
  • Influenza Training
See ALAUX 001/13 for more information or go to


The member-training website known as the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Virtual Classroom has moved to a new location, and is now called the Coast Guard Auxiliary Online Classroom.

All courses previously available in the virtual classroom should immediately be available at the new online classroom. Old user accounts and course completion history have been retired, as the new site automatically provides members with new and permanent accounts based upon the same member zone credentials used for AuxDirectory, NTC, Webforms, etc.

Members should note that the on-hold “Auxiliary Mandated Training Program” courses as most recently referenced in ALAUX 011/11 (“Suicide Prevention”, “Privacy Awareness”, et. al.) will not be available on this new platform.

Auxiliary members are encouraged to use the new online classroom.

Support is available via the National Help Desk at:

The new link to the Online Classroom is:

Leadership Videos

The following six videos by the Commandant, Adm Bob Papp, on Leadership may prove useful to current and potential leaders.