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Auxiliary University Programs (AUP)

Sat, 26 Nov 22  

Visit the AUP web site

Visit the AUP web site at: 

Welcome to the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary University Program (AUP).  Our mission is to provide a continuous resource of well-trained viable officer candidates which can develop into career officers in the United States Coast Guard or similar service agency, without the commitment of an ROTC Program. 

The United States Coast Guard has an ever-increasing need for officer candidates not only for Surface and Air Operations, but for Environmental Protection, Marine Science, Legal, Marine Safety, Engineering, Facilities Management, Humanitarian Assistance and Homeland Security just to name a few of the career paths open to successful AUP program graduates. 

The AUP offers college students multiple levels of training culminating with an Active-Duty Coast Guard Internship placement program and AUP graduation status once the program courses are successfully completed per the AUP Program of Study. AUP draws its leadership philosophy from the active duty Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary, and students are guided by the AUP’s Leadership and Management Guide during their AUP participation. 

At present the United States Coast Guard is looking to commission 500 new officers each year for the next five years, with less than half of that number coming from The Coast Guard Academy graduates. The Coast Guard Auxiliary University Program is striving to be the predominant source for the remaining 250 plus officer candidates needed annually. We welcome you to be part of this program.

For more information, please contact or Russell.J.Gasdia@CGAUXNET.US.