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Flotilla 7-9 Member Training

Wed, 25 Mar 20  


Do you want to become a member, are you assisting a potential new member, or have you just received your member ID number? Use this handy check list and guide to navigate your way forward:

Step 1 - If you haven't already done so, click on this link, fill out the web form and submit it.  Someone will contact you shortly and set up a meeting to discuss the Auxiliary - who we are (and who we aren't), what you might contribute to our Coast Guard (and what you might get out of membership) and all the other details.  Note - if you aren't from the Narraganset Bay Area go ahead and fill the form out anyway - it will be forwarded to the units closest to you.

Step 2 - Your contact person will assist you in completing the paper work, taking the new member test, and putting your application package together.  All of the necessary paperwork and study guides are located on this national web page.

Step 3 - Your contact person will submit your package and then you get to wait for a while.  Usually within 30 days you should receive a letter from the First District Northern Region (1st District NR), located in Buzzards Bay, MA, with your member ID number.  Alternatively some sharp Auxiliary officer might spot your new listing in AuxDirectory and send you an email with the number.  You don't need to tattoo it on your arm but you should memorize it.  It will be 7 digits and probably be something like 300xxxx.

Step 4 - Your member number will be active in the AuxDirectory web site, which is listed under the AUX MEMBERS tab on the top tool bar. Or you can just click here.  Since this is the first time you'll be logging into the site, you will need to click on the Obtain or Change Password line and follow the instructions.

  • Important - make your password unique (don't use a password you use on any other site), and easy to remember, as you'll be using it constantly in the Auxiliary (along with your member ID number).
  • Warning - when you first obtain a log on a temporary password will be sent to your email address you used when you signed up.  Make sure you can get to that email as the temporary link only works for a few minutes.

Step 5 - Log onto AuxDirectory (sometimes referred to as AuxOfficer) and check your own entry.  Enter you name and verify that your address, phone number, etc. are correct.  If they aren't follow the on screen instructions to submit changes to the FSO-IS (Information Services Officer).

Step 6 - Complete the Auxiliary Core Training program (ACT) courses.  You'll need to log on to the Core Training link from the National Training Directorate web site.

  • Note- keep copies of any completion certificates that are offered (a .pdf copy is adequate). Sometimes computer system Alpha doesn't talk to system Zulu and a paper trail may mean you don't have to repeat a course when the computer eats your homework.

Step 7 - Complete the Basic Qualification II course series, which can also be located on the Training Directorate web site in the left hand navigation panel. 

Step 8 (May not be needed) - If you haven't taken a boating safety class now is the time to do so.  Check the class finder on this web site and let the course contact person know you want to take the class (you shouldn't be charged anything for it).  If a copy of your boating course record was submitted with your application you can skip this step.

Ok, now you are eligible to have your membership status changed to BQ (Basically Qualified).  Let your Flotilla Commander know you got everything done and congratulations.

Questions or problems?  Use AuxDirectory to look up the FSO-MT (Flotilla Staff Officer - Member Training) for Division 013-07 and ask him or her for assistance.