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Paddlecraft Safety

   Paddlesport participation has grown dramatically in recent years. Low entry costs, easy storage, less maintenance, and flexibility are some of the reasons many people have decided to become paddlers, compared to power or sailing craft. This has been the case on the Washington, D.C., waterways as well.

   About 22 million Americans participate in paddlesports. Around 100,000 canoes and 350,000 kayaks are sold annually, according to industry figures.

   However, growth in paddlesports been accompanied by safety issues as well. While boating accidents overall have decreased in recent years, the number of paddlecraft accidents and fatalities has increased. In recent years, over 30 percent of boating accidents have involved paddlecraft. 


Paddlecraft Resources

Click on the graphics below to download various safety and instructional brochures and pamphlets on various types of paddlecraft.

Be Smart, Be Safe, Have Fun. This brochure is a beginner's guide to safer paddling.   The Rules of the Road, What Paddlers Need to Know brochure, by the American Canoe Association
Paddle Safe! Have Fun! paddling safety brochure by the American Canoe Association   The Paddler's Safety Checklist brochure by the American Canoe Association