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"FAIR WINDS" - Our Flotilla 7-2 Newsletter

   Established in 2005, Fair Winds was our official flotilla publication.  Our newsletter was meant to keep our membership informed of upcoming events, provide member recognition, promote our flotilla's activities and member's efforts in addition to promoting a team concept between the Auxiliary and local Coast Guard units.

   The contributions and submissions of our membership lead to Fair Winds being formally recognized as the "Best Flotilla Newsletter" in the First Northern District in 2012, 2016 and 2018.

Fair Winds Online Issues



1st Quarter, 2024 Issue
 4th Quarter, 2023 Issue
3rd Quarter 2023 Issue
2nd Quarter, 2023 Issue
1st Quarter, 2023 Issue
 February 2019 Issue May 2016 Issue
 June 2013 Issue  September 2012 Issue