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Vessel Safety Checks

 How to Schedule a Courtesy Vessel Safety Check (VSC)?

A Vessel Safety Check is a bow to stern safety check of your boat conducted by trained vessel examiners designed to help you be safer on the water.  This is a free public service of the US Coast Guard offered by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Some topics discussed include accident reporting, filing float plans, fueling, survival, weather and sea conditions, handling emergencies, formal boater education, and other safe practices on the water.

Federal, state and local regulations require certain safety equipment be carried onboard your boat. Items such as fire extinguishers, life jackets, visual distress signals, backfire flame control, navigation lights, and proper display of numbers are just a few of the items checked.

The New Bedford Flotilla performs vessel safety examinations throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. Our Flotilla Vessel Examination Staff Officer can assist you with a free vessel examination. 

Vessel Safety Checks are free and confidential.  They can be performed at your dock, your home, or at a scheduled Vessel Safety Check days at local marinas and boat ramps. Our Vessel Examiner will work with you to ensure your boat is ready for the boating season. 

You can see all VSC requirements for your personal pleasure craft, conduct your own virtual VSC or request a VSC by visiting the National Site. To schedule a courtesy VSC with a certified vessel examiner, complete the form at this link and a local examiner will contact you.

Contact FSO-VE Joseph Cabral at 
Flotilla Staff Officer - Vessel Examiner