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Application Steps

Before starting the application, contact Alex Collier, FSO-HR at

Note: All paperwork must be:

  • completed in ink, and
  • single-sided 
  • legible
Do not sign and date until instructed during the interview.


1. Take the New Member Exam. 

2. Print the Consent to Membership and complete.

3. Download the fillable Enrollment Application to your desktop.  Enter your data.  You may save your entries at any time and resume later.  Pages 10-14 provide additional explanation.

      a. Complete Sections I, II, III, VII, IX and X.

            i. Section I “District Division Flotilla” is “0130605”

      b. Complete Page 4
            i. Clear the SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER block before entering your number.
            ii. Mother’s Maiden Name is her first, middle and last name prior to marriage.
     c. Complete Page 5
            i. Clear the SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER block before entering your number.
     d. If you checked “have” in Section X, complete pages 6, 8 and 9.
     e. Print and sign the completed application.
     f. Make copies of the Citizenship document(s) in Section IX.

 4.  a. Take the New Member Exam using the Reference Guide and the Auxiliary New Member Course as open book resources.

    b. Before you submit your answers, slide the toggle to the right indicating to "Send me a copy of my responses". Print the Certificate of Completion you receive via email and take it to your interview.

5.Contact Alex Collier, FSO-HR, to arrange for an interview.

6. Bring to the interview:
      a. Completed Consent to Membership
      b. Completed Enrollment Application
      c. Copies of Citizenship document(s)
      d. Copy of DD214 (if “Yes” to Section VII, question 2)
      e. Certificate of Completion of the New Member Exam
      f. Copy of Boating Safety Course Certificate (optional)
      g. Personal Check, Bank Check or Money Order for Dues
      h. Parent or Guardian if aged 17