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Suddenly In Command Seminar


"Suddenly in Command" is a 2 hour seminar intended to provide guidance for those boat occupants such as guests, friends, spouses, etc., who may find themselves “Suddenly in Command” if the boat captain is no longer able to operate the boat for whatever reason!

We will post upcoming 2024 dates.  Otherwise, click the "follow" button on our Eventbrite page to get a real time alert:


Vessel Safety Exam

    FREE vessel safety checks! This is a great opportunity be sure your boat has all the Coast Guard required and recommend gear aboard. The vessel safety check includes checking visual displays, fire extinguishers, nav lights, life jackets, and more.
    We also go over safety equipment for kayaks. Stop by and get "If Found stickers" and paddle reflectors.

    If you  would like to arrange for a Vessel Safety Exam, please contact us at: