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Distance Education Technology Training (Basic)


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  Charleston, SC:  8 - 12 March
  NACON Orlando, FL:  19 - 22 August
AUX-04 C-School Class - Detroit MI, 2017


What is AUX-04?

AUX-04 is an U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary C-School intended to provide introduction in the use of current media systems in electronic presentation and web site design.

The classroom based training involves the use of computers and the development of two projects; one being a multimedia presentation and the other building the basic structure of a unit website. These skills will be utilized when the student returns to their local unit.

Members attending AUX-04 classes will learn to standup a local unit, flotilla/division, web site. While there are few prerequisites, students should be current or prospective CS officers at any level. It is required that student bring a laptop computer to class. The course is not designed or appropriate for advanced or professional web developers.

WOW - The "Pushbutton" Website Platform

The Aux-04 class teaches students how to easily and quickly build unit web sites using the WOW site development system. This menu driven and WYSIWYG editor based system allows novice CS officers to build unit web sites in a fraction of the time that used to be required. Knowledge of HTML programming is not necessary to build a WOW site, but more experienced programmers can enhance their WOW sites by editing or incorporating their own HTML code.

By the completion of the course, the successful AUX-04 student will...
  • Learn how to use WOW, and then build an Auxiliary WOW website.
  • Build and modify Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

Who to Contact:

Any questions regarding the AUX 04 class should be directed to Bob Fritz, DIR-Ud


Students MUST bring a laptop with power point installed (iPads or similar devices will not meet requirement) with them to this course. If you don't own one, you must arrange to borrow one in order to attend the AUX-04 C-School!!!