Current and archives of "For Safety's Sake" Newsletter

For Safety's Sake Volume VII, Issues 3 Fall 2014

Articles in the issue: V-Directorate: A Winning Team! National V-Directorate Team and Individual Staff Awards Presented at NACON 2014. National Awards Trifecta: Flotilla 10-13 Wyckoff, N.J. Sweeps Top Honors. 2014 Vessel Safety Check Decal Distribution Program. We're Being Boarded by the Coast Guard ... Now What? Observations of a Paddle Craft Safety Instructor. Paddle Ready: New App for Paddle Boaters! Flotilla 11-10 Dunedin, FLA., Revitalizes Its Vessel Examiner Program. Vessel Examiners - Is your Certification Current? Is your district's star on our map?.


 For Safety's Sake Volume VII, Issue 2 Summer 2014

Articles in this issue: Ready, Set, Wear It!” Event Sets New World Record! By Michael S. Klacik, Director, V-Directorate; Staying on Track: PWC Vessel Safety Checks by Dana Kirk, BC-VEP; Vessel Safety Check Efficiency by Perry Taylor, Deputy Director; Developing Successful Auxiliarists by Andy Render DVC-Vessel Examinations; Potentially Defective Visual Distress Signal by Joseph Reichal, BC-VPP; Boat Insurance—Who Needs It? by Bruce White, BA-VEV; “Ready, Set, Wear, It!” Gets Boost from Social Media Campaign by Dottie Riley, BC-VCP; Auxiliary “Goes Fishing” : Bassmaster Elite Series Tournament Vessel Safety Check Blitz by Charles Truthan, FL 15-3 Ocala; Wanted: Your Success Stories!

For Safety's Sake Volume VII, Issue 1 Spring 2014

 Articles in this issue:Making of three new Public Service Announcements by the V-Directorate.  Life of a Fire Extinguisher. Do You Know How to Educate Customers About Boating Safety Equipment?    ABYC Recreational Boating Safety “Safety Essentials” Checklists.  V-Directorate Bids Farewell to a Piece of Its Own History: Fifteen Years as DVC-VC Farewell from Paul Mayer.  Going Somewhere? Be sure to opt out of the ‘I Want A VCS System’ while you are away!      New!Life Jacket Loaner Program Source: Life Jacket Loaner Program Standard Operating Procedures

 For Safety's Sake Volume VI, Issue 2 Summer 2013

Articles in this Issue: 'Ready Set Wear It!' Sets New World Record; Safety on the Great Lakes; Boating Safety Statistics 2012; Vessel Safety Check "Saves the Day" for a Bassmaster Elite Series Angler; How to be the Best Darn Vessel Examiner Possible! And Then Become a Program Visitor Too!; Paddle Craft Vessel Safety Checks; and Frequently Asked Questions About the "I Want a VSC System".
Articles in this Issue: Vessel Safety Check Starts With Coast Guard Commander's Personal Boat; National V-Directorate "Recreational Boating Safety Alert Notice"; SafetySeal.Net Moves to a New Home; Questions and Answers – The Q&A Tool on the National V Directorate Website; Electric Shock Drowning; "Ready, Set, Wear It!" – A New Name, A New Outlook; Vessel Examiner's Responsibility to the Boater; Paddlecraft: the Newest Wave of Recreational Boating Vessels; Paddle Craft Event; Valuable Information to Share With Boaters When Inspecting PWCs; Recreational Boating Safety Committee in Action: Teamwork Promotes Successful Outcomes; and A word from the Editor.
Articles in this Issue: Ready, Set, Inflate; Ten Thoughts on Increasing Vessel Safety Checks; Daddy, Wear Your Life Jacket!; Amphicar Passes Vessel Safety Check!; Vessel Safety Check Data Can Be Used to Improve Recreational Boating Safety; Is Your Information Up to Date?; Vessel Exams for Rental Marina Facilities; Getting out the Boating Safety message and A word from the Editor.

For Safety's Sake Volume IV, Issue 3 Fall 2011
Articles in this Issue: The I Want a VSC System; The Directors Message from NACON 2011; V-Department at NACON– Photo Journal; There's a New Deputy in Town; Realignment of the V-Department; News from the Program Visitor Program; Auxiliary Member's Efforts Help Keep Tourists Safe; Vessel Safety Checks at the Bassmaster Elite Series; Introducing Mark Wirtz and Important reminder about Digital Selective Calling radios.

For Safety's Sake Volume IV, Issue 2 Summer 2011
Articles in this Issue: Updates from the V Department; I Want a VSC System-New Changes: No signup necessary!; New Paddlecraft VSC Form Wins Rave Review!; Make your own Vessel Examiner Business Cards; New PV and VE Workshops Now Available!; Paddle Sport Safety; By the Numbers; Program Visitor Updates; Proper Oral Inflation and Deflation of Inflatable PFD's; CO Alarms: Check the Date Codes and The Inflatable Life Jacket – Our Challenge.

For Safety's Sake Volume IV, Issue 1 Spring 2011
Articles in this Issue: Promote Vessel Safety Checks With the "I Want a VSC" System; What's New in the V Department; Meet Lillian Haines, 2011 Director of the V-Department; Increasingly Popular Paddlesports Has Much to Accomplish This Year; Thinking Outside the Box: Program Visitor Pointers; What are you doing to promote VSCs and PVs?; Creative Ad Campaigns Increase VSCs; The "I Want a VSC" System and Our Customers; Vessel Safety Checks Are Not Difficult- and Often Well Received!; Ready... Set... Inflate... and Quality Before Quantity – It's Not a Contest!

For Safety's Sake Volume III, Issue 3 Summer2010
Articles in this Issue: Vessel Safety Check Mega Weeks; Fire Extinguishers: "To Tap or Not To Tap... that is the question?"; Program Visitor Window Decal; Visual Distress Signals Revisited: Let's Make Sure We've Got it Right; VSC for a Sport Utility Boat; Sport and Utility Boat VSC Decal Placement and VSCs on Vessels with Tenders.

For Safety's Sake Volume III, Issue 2 Spring 2010
Articles in this Issue: 2009 Performance; Boating Safety Resource Center; Digital Select Calling Radios; Recreational Boating Safety Visitation Program Guide RBSPV 101; Opportunities with Sea Scouts and Boy Scouts of America; VSC Mega Weeks; Loran & GPS, Now and the Future and Lifejacket Covers.

For Safety's Sake Volume III, Issue 1 January 2010
Articles in this Issue: RBS Awards of Excellence; From Time To Time...; A VSC Tip: Ventilation System; Funds Available to Flotillas: A Message From Your Coast Guard Auxiliary Association; Fire Extinguishers: What the boater should know; Orion Safety Awareness Program; RBS Program Visitors: Materials Update; Revisiting the "I Want a VSC" System and VNET Mail List and Federal Regulations For Installed Marine Batteries - A Clarification; V-Dept Policy Regarding Outboard Engine Batteries.