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Strategic Plan Update - OPCOM - 24 August 2017
The Strategic Dashboard breaks down each of the Strategic Plan initiative to provide Leadership with the current activity and accomplishments towards the 11 Initiatives, 26 Projects and 108 Milestones used to measure the success of each Directorates accomplishments and any risks or issues that needs attention from NEXCOM. Currently 38 of 108 are completed. Next Update will be in January 2018 after NTRAIN.

2013 Member Survey Report
The 2013 member survey was held from April 25 to May 15. This year's respondents are clearly among the most active and accomplished Auxiliarists. Along with completing the multiple choice section of the survey, members wrote sufficient personal comments to fill a 1,000 page book. The data-dense survey, commissioned by the National Commodore, has been analyzed by the Strategic Planning Directorate and summarized for quick read, along with suggested conclusions and recommendations. The data is presented so anyone who wishes to can study the responses in depth, as well.

Working with Millennials
Whether called the Millennial Generation, the Millennials, Generation Y, or Generation Next, Americans who were born after 1980 are the first in history to have lived their entire lives with technology. Milllennials are more individualistic than earlier generations and demand autonomy in their opinions and behavior. They emphasize personal activities above social and labor considerations. By 2025, 75 percent of the global workforce will be milllennials; there are 80 million of them in America alone, which is about four million greater than the baby boomer generation. Milllennials have different workplace expectations, grew up differently, and want to redefine “work” as we know it. They want to break the rules and corporate hierarchies, and create a lasting impact, starting from day one on the job. How do we blend them into the Auxiliary?

Becoming More Strategic
“Becoming More Strategic” contains three articles, taken from the "McKinsey Report", that deal with the desirability to have the senior executives in commercial enterprise become more strategic to have their businesses thrive. The information they contain was written for business executives but is equally applicable for the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. This document has been adopted for the ASOC curriculum.

NTRAIN 2012 Evergreen Report
At NTRAIN 2012, CDR André Billeaudeaux, from the Coast Guard Enterprise Strategic Management and Doctrine Directorate (CG-095), presented the Coast Guard Evergreen brief “Signposts for the Future of the Coast Guard” to the District Commodores and their Chiefs of Staff, the Assistant National Commodores, and the Directorate Chiefs and their Deputies. This short report summarizes their thoughts and comments on the presentation points (Signposts) and how they apply to the Auxiliary.

Scenario Planning Project: Public Education – Analysis of workshop results
At NTRAIN 2011, Auxiliary leaders participated in a workshop that had them take a hard look at the Auxiliary’s public education program and make strategic recommendations for reversing the decline in Auxiliary delivered public education. This report summarizes the results of the workshop.

NTRAIN 2010 Evergreen Report
At NTRAIN 2010, the Deputy National Commodores, Assistant National Commodores, District Commodores and their Chiefs of Staff, and the Directorate Chiefs and their Deputies participated in a strategy session led by CDR Joe DuFresne of the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Strategic Analysis (CG-0951). This report summarizes the outcomes of the NTRAIN 2010 Evergreen session, including recommendations and next steps.

Auxiliary NTRAIN 2010 Strategy final slides
Slide deck, including participant comments, from CDR DuFresne’s session at NTRAIN.

Can the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary survive in the 21st Century?

This document explores how changing generational attitudes affect the Auxiliary as an all-volunteer organization.