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Thu, 19 Jan 17   Posted by: Dan Stroup

* * * * Public Education Bulletins -  eBook & eLibrary

The eLibrary bulletin reviews where and how to navigate to locate course offerings, the eBook bulletin reviews the steps/process to access ebooks. 

Access the eLibrary Bulletin here

Access the eBook Bulletin here 


Introducing our latest offering, Modern Marine Navigation

Sun, 28 Feb 16   Posted by: Dan Stroup


Follow this link to see  information on this exciting new product: Link

This following link will take you to the Modern Marine Navigation course enrollment page: Link

Announcing BASIC BOAT HANDLING, our new enhanced E Book now available, follow this link to purchase and down load: Link

Announcing A PADDLERS GUIDE TO SAFETY The latest entry into the Paddle Craft Safety Education Tools by the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Follow this link (Paddlers Guide Link) to the to the Elib Resource Center, choose Seminars, click on Paddlers Guide. You will have to enter the members Zone to access the presentation and instructors guide.

Additional information can be found in the ELIB section under the ELEC Courses page. You will have to enter the member zone to gain access. Link to the ELIB

Corrections to the Weekend Navigator Seminar

Sat, 07 Feb 15   Posted by: Dan Stroup

Numerous minor corrections have been incorporated into the Weekend Navigator Student Guide and PowerPoint presentation.  All of the changes were either spelling or computational corrections. No outline changes were made.  The old version is dated Aug. 2014, and the new version is dated Jan. 2015.

Daniel Maresh - DC-E

Wed, 28 Jan 15   Posted by: Dan Stroup

* * * * New Program -  Seamanship Seminar Series

The Seamanship Seminar Series (SSS) provides Flotillas with a new use of six chapters of the BS&S course. Chapters 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13 may now be taught as stand-alone seminars. 

These seminars may be taught separately, in a group or attached to another course.  There is no time restraints, as long as the information is properly presented.  There is no final exam, although the chapter ending quizzes are recommended. 

Instead of a printed textbook, these seminars will be supported with a student downloadable e-Book. These six e-Books are exact copies of the BS&S chapters. Complete downloadable Instructor and Student Guides as well as Power Points are provided under the heading Seamanship Seminar Series.


Weekend Navigator

Fri, 12 Sep 14   Posted by: Dan Stroup

* * The newly re-designed Weekend Navigator is now a Seminar.  It can be found in the Seminar section. * *


SIC Update

Sun, 06 Oct 13   Posted by: Jim Berg, DVC-IE
The E Directorate is pleased to announce the release of a complete revision of the Suddenly in Command (SIC) seminar. SIC is designed as a 2-3 hour seminar with the students being those who are not normally In Command.The purpose of this seminar is to familiarize the student with essential safety information so they can assess and stabilize the situation, operate the vessel, and summon any required assistance.

There is no textbook for this seminar, but the Power Point presentation, with embedded videos, has extensive instructor notes. These notes are to assist the instructor in creating a personalized script to follow when using the Power Point presentation.Further, the instructor notes contain ‘links’ to other web sites where additional resources are available.

Both the Power Point presentation and the instructor notes maybe downloaded from the E-Directorate national web site, under seminar courses, SIC. (The file is large 69MBs and may take some time to download)It is highly recommended that instructors read the instructor notes before viewing the Power Point slides.

The seminar has been tested, in a beta mode, by members overthe past two months and will remain in beta mode until year end 2013.Users, particularly instructors, areencouraged to pass along comments and suggestions through the Public Educationchain.As changes are made they will bereflected in both the Power Point slides and instructor notes.

Users are also encouraged to pass along ideas for the seminar’s use, as well as where audiences/students are coming from, such as an all women taught by women seminar or using segments of the seminar for PA events as a speaker and any other use of the seminar material.

Good luck and happy teaching!