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Coast Guard Auxiliary ABS BS&S Individual State Presentation Download Page

Sun, 28 Jan 18  

Assembled here are the individual state presentations, tests and answers, used as a supplement to the ABS and BS&S course presentations.The ABS and BS&S Individual State presentations bring the Coast Guard Auxiliary into compliance with each state and the NASBLA organization.

Click here to navigate to the ABS BS&S Individual State Presentations  

NASBLA Statistics - Perspectives on Recreational Boating Safety

Wed, 08 Mar 17   Posted by: Dan Stroup

Presentation reviews the following key components: 

  • Background to the Strategic Plan and relevant statistics
  • “Take home” messages
  • Life jackets
  • Boating under the influence
Presentation download - Link 


2017 Public Education Workshop Teamwork, Products, and Resources

Sun, 05 Mar 17   Posted by: Dan Stroup

The Course Development Team in the Education Directorate is pleased to present the 2017 Public Education Workshop entitled Teamwork, Products, and Resources. This presentation focuses on the products and resources available for your Education program, ideas on marketing and integration of different products into your classroom with an emphasis on our electronic products, and the teamwork necessary to maximize success. The target audience is the entire RBS team including PE, PV, VE, PA, PB and elected Leadership at all levels.This is particularly true of the Flotilla level where, “the rubber meets the road.” The message of teamwork among the entire RBS team and leadership is critical for maximum success.

It is available in two formats, a PowerPoint presentation and a video.The video format is narrated and is the preferred format to ensure that all members across the nation hear a consistent message when viewing the workshop.The link for the video is and the PowerPoint version is PE Workshop Teamwork Products and Resources.pptx This option of formats allows you a choice for how to present the material to your RBS teams whether you have an internet connection at the presentation site or not.


N-Train Instructor Development presentation

Sun, 29 Jan 17   Posted by: Dan Stroup
Instructor Development presentation delivered, 28JAN17 at NTRAIN 2017 in St. Louis - Link

Paddlecraft Safety

Sun, 22 Jan 17   Posted by: Dan Stroup

General Paddlecraft Safety information, including downloadable brochures - Link 

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary has initiated a paddlecraft safety outreach program called Auxiliary Paddlecraft, or AUXPAD. There are two components, AUXPAD Ashore Outreach and AUXPAD Afloat Outreach. - Link

Thu, 19 Jan 17   Posted by: Dan Stroup

* * * * Public Education Bulletins -  eBook & eLibrary

The eLibrary bulletin reviews where and how to navigate to locate course offerings, the eBook bulletin reviews the steps/process to access ebooks. 

Access the eLibrary Bulletin here

Access the eBook Bulletin here 


Introducing our latest offering, Modern Marine Navigation

Sun, 28 Feb 16   Posted by: Dan Stroup

Announcing Modern Marine Navigation

Follow this link to see  information on this exciting new product: Link

This following link will take you to the Modern Marine Navigation course enrollment page: Link

Announcing Basic Boat Handling, our new enhanced E Book now available, follow this link to purchase and down load: Link

Announcing A Paddlers Guide To Safety The latest entry into the Paddle Craft Safety Education Tools by the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Follow this link (Paddlers Guide Link) to the to the Elib Resource Center, choose Seminars, click on Paddlers Guide. You will have to enter the members Zone to access the presentation and instructors guide.

Additional information can be found in the ELIB section under the ELEC Courses page. You will have to enter the member zone to gain access. Link to the ELIB