Partners In Diversity

Diverse Flotilla
Thu, 16 Apr 15  

Partners in Auxiliary Diversity “PAD” Program

The Partners in Auxiliary Diversity “PAD” program has been established by Coast Guard Auxiliary Diversity to support and recognize leaders who are working to further the cause of our mission throughout the Auxiliary at all levels. A publication has been created to be distributed as often as necessary to insure the Diversity message is reaching all members throughout the organization.

Our mission as an organization is to ensure that each and every member is empowered to serve and given every opportunity to achieve success. It is the responsibility of Diversity to promote this mission; it is the responsibility of each and every member to assist in that initiative.

We welcome your suggestions and your assistance as a member of our Partners in Auxiliary Diversity Team. We must always be guided by the Coast Guard values; Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty. Our devotion to these principles will be as a torch in the night guiding our way, and together we will make the Coast Guard Auxiliary America’s volunteer organization of choice.