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AUX 06 C-School FAQ

(Frequently Asked Questions)


USCG TRACEN Yorktown is one of the two primary advanced training centers for the Coast Guard.  Coast Guard C Schools are intended to properly train Auxiliarists to perform the CG Auxiliary duty for which they have volunteered. Since each set of orders to a C School is a substantial Coast Guard expense (i.e. tax-payer dollars), each student is expected to adhere to the rules for every C School they attend. Regardless of an Auxiliarist’s status or office, these expectations apply to everyone.


ATON C-School Program:

The program link is will receive over twenty-five hours of instruction over the weekend.  All four of the NS programs will be presented during the weekend.                 All the required material for the program will be available for download and review from the following site:

 You are not required to download the forms and study guides for this class. There will be minimal paper handouts at the is recommended that you print out the training guides for reference if you do not plan to bring a laptop. The latest versions of the material will be available on this website one week before class begins. You will need to familiarize yourself with this data before arriving at the school:

   •ATON – Federal Short Range Aid to Navigation Program
   •PATON – Private Aids to Navigation
   •BAP – Bridge Administration Program
   •CU – Chart Updating Program



·Your barracks will be specified on your orders (use attached map to locate).

·Dining Facility (Bldg. 2 on map) hours are:
   Monday-Friday 0630-0730/1100-1230/1630-1800
   Weekends and Holidays 0700-0900/1100-1200/1630-1800

·Exchange (Bldg. 13 on map) Hours are:
   Monday-Friday 1000-1730
   Saturday-Sunday 1000-1600

·CyberCafé, Starbucks, Steuben Hall (Bldg. 4 on map) hours are:
   Monday- Friday 0630-2100
   Weekends/Holidays 0700-1100; 1700-2100

·Subway located next to Exchange (Bldg. 13 on map) hours are:
   Monday- Friday 0630-2000
   Saturday 0900-1800
   Sunday 0900-2000

·Additional Base Services can be viewed at


Berthing – A final roster of those in the barracks (30 is the quota) will be issued at least 2 weeks prior to the start date. The personnel on the roster will have a bed, no one should call the barracks.

  • There are two people to a room. When you arrive, your roommate will be assigned. Every room has a small refrigerator, two work desks and two clothing lockers. Bring a lock for your clothing locker.

  • Cohabitation on base – Identified married couples together but no one else will have a choice of roommate and, no other mixed gender rooms. Married persons should always ask their DIRAUX for guidance if they are attending a class on base and wish to lodge together.



·The class is held in Hamilton Hall, Room 309. (Bldg. 6 on map)



·Tropical Blue w/ Garrison Cap for Instructors and Students. Individual Flotilla Ball Caps and Combination Cap are not authorized.

Please review the proper personal grooming and Auxiliary Tropical Blue uniform requirements, found in Chapter 10 of the Auxiliary Manual at

Remember that you represent the Coast Guard wherever you go.

·No uniforms are required for travel days. Sunday is a travel day, so proper civilian attire will be permitted for class.

·Wear insignia for the highest Auxiliary office you have held (including Past Officer device if appropriate), current office, or member insignia. 

·All Coast Guard uniforms that have an open collar (e.g. the Tropical Blue uniform worn at the C-School) require a white V-neck tee shirt. Crew neck tee shirts that leave the tee shirt visible are not acceptable.

·Proper saluting procedures can be found in Chapter 12 of the Auxiliary Manual. If you are unsure of how to salute, please ask a member of your flotilla for assistance.

·If you must use your cell phone, stop and stand off to one side of the path.



·The AUX 06 C-School starts on time at 0800 on Friday 15 June,
so you should plan your travel to arrive at USCG TRACEN Yorktown, VA, the day before. The C-School will be completed at 1200 on Sunday 17 June. You must attend all sessions so schedule your travel accordingly.

·POV travel and other alternate means of travel to and from TDY location are authorized not to exceed cost of a GTR and must be approved by your DIRAUX office prior to travel.

·Travel regulations may be found at the National Auxiliary C School website at The authorized Government per diem rate, as stated on the orders, for meals and lodging are fixed and non-negotiable. Incurring more expensive lodging or meals are the personal responsibility of the student.

·If students prefer to “upgrade” their accommodations, they should discuss such desire with the order issuing authority with the understanding that any cost in excess of the authorized lodging rate will not be reimbursed by the CG.

·Airline reservations should be made through a government contracted travel agency. ADTRAV Travel Management 1-(855)-576-4781 is the recommended travel agency. Copy of your orders will need to be faxed to ADTRAV Travel Management 1-(888) 225-2884 or email in order to complete and ticket the reservations.


Arrival Point:
Newport News/ Williamsburg International Airport  Distance from TRACEN, 12 miles
Ground Transportation:
Associated Cabs, Inc. (757) 887-3412/3322
Yellow Cab. (757) 855-1111
Yorktown Shuttle. (757) 890-2840
Williamsburg Limo & Shuttle. (757) 877-0279


Arrival Point:
Norfolk International Airport  Distance from TRACEN, 34 miles
Ground Transportation:
Norfolk Airport Express (757) 857-5950
James River Transportation (757) 963-0433


·Amendments for Home of Record and departure locations must be
approved by DIRAUX. Failure to utilize ADTRAV Travel Management for commercial travel arrangements could result in not being reimbursed for your commercial travel costs. Your DIRAUX can provide information on the local ADTRAV Travel Management travel office for your region if necessary.

·Any request for extensions before or after normal travel days need to be forwarded to your DIRAUX office and approved and amended by them.

·DIRAUX authorization of Remain Over Night (RONs) are limited to delay in travel due to weather, missed connections due to late arrival of a flight, and to accommodate travel IAW JFTR U3006 (Explained in Travel Time Section below).

·RONs are not authorized for personal convenience. If you need to RON due to flight non-availability and travel the following day, inform your DIRAUX office immediately. Use of Central Billed Account (CBA) for purchase of air travel is authorized. Usage of CBA is limited to the guidelines outlined in ALCOAST 717/09.

·It is strongly recommended no departure flights be made Before 1400 hours on the last day of class.



GSA Per Diem Rates



As a graduate of the ATON C-School, you are expected to become a leader in the NS program in your District. You are encouraged to hold higher NS staff positions in the future. Upon completion of this course, you will have been exposed to the latest information on each of the four NS programs. It is important to the overall success of the National NS Program that you pass this information on the members in your District and that you take the lead in the implementation of the new program forms and features. You are the future of the Aid to Navigation Program.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the AUX-06 C-School Coordinator.

For additional travel information see the Auxiliary "C" Schools website.