Steps on how to attend AUX-04

So you want to attend the AUX-04 C-School?

Here's what you must do...

First: You must determine if you have the computer skills required

• You should be familiar with the use of e-mail, web-surfing, saving and moving files on your computer...these are just the basic skills. This course does not require previous experience in Websites or PowerPoint, as it is designed for entry level students, but it does require excellent basic skills to begin with.
• Read the Course Details and Curriculum to assess if you're ready to tackle this computer intensive course. Here is a sample of the schedule for Alameda
• Note the prerequisites for the course.

Second: Okay - you say YES to the above...what next?

• Check the latest C-School list on the C-School Portal website and select which class you want to attend. Select the one that is closest to your home. Since the Coast Guard will incur a substantial expense for student transportation, if you select a class very distant from your home, there is a strong likely hood that you will not be selected for that class, while selecting the closest class will give you priority over students from distant locations (provided you apply in a timely manner).
• You must complete (fill-out) an Auxiliary Short Term Training Request (STTR). Your unit may have this form or better yet, just download a copy from the Auxiliary Forms Warehouse..

Third: Give the completed STTR to your Flotilla Commander (FC).

• Your FC should sign the STTR and forward it onto your District DIRAUX.
• Your DIRAUX will collect all STTRs, review them and enter them into the Training Database (Direct Access).
• The Chief Director's staff (CG-BSX) will review the requests, enroll members, and request orders be issued from the Training Quota Management Center.
•Apply early (at least 90 days in advance of the class date). Your DIRAUX will keep you informed.

...Good Luck! Hope to see you in class.