AUX-04 Pre-Class Assignments

NOTE: Students MUST bring a laptop (ipads or similar devices do not meet requirement) with them to this course. If you don't own one, you must arrange to borrow one in order to attend the AUX-04 C-School!!!


 Assignment One - Aux website visits

 Visit your Flotilla, Division, and District web sites and examine those sites as a critic.

Evaluate both the positives and negatives of each website. What do you like? What do you dislike? If the web site was under your control, what would you change? What would you add that is not there? Does the web site provide a service to the unit, the public, or both.

Write this information down and bring it to class.

  Assignment Two - Copy needed images/graphics

Make sure you have images, graphics, photos, clip art, ect on your laptop in a folder that you can easily  access to use when learning  how to build your web site and powerpoint presentation. If you are borrowing a laptop and do not want to download items you can bring them to class on a USB flash drive or burn them to a CD.

Assignment Three - WOW Websites withOut Webmasters 

You will be learning to use the new WOW web site development system.

Download and read the WOW II Users Guide.