If your flotilla, division, or district wishes to host an AUXLAMS C-School the following information is required by the AUXLAMS Branch Chief (BC) to schedule the course.

 1. Training Location: Name of location (if there is a name) with full mailing address including zip code.

 2. A) Billeting/Lodging: Name of at least two recommended hotels that will accept the government per diem rate for the instructors and/or students to stay at with full mailing address including zip code. Include the local hotel phone number and any special instructions such as group codes if arrangement shave been made for special rates.

 B) If military billeting will be used include the name of the facility with full address including zip code. Include the instructions with phone numbers and contacts to make reservations along with any restrictions or requirements to get on the base.

 3. Airport: Name of the closest and / or recommended airport with full mailing address including zip code.

4. Local Transportation: Local transportation options to / from airport and from hotel to training locations. This might include fee for service airport or free hotel shuttles and any local arrangements for Auxiliary members providing transportation. Most Auxiliary C-School orders do not contain authorization for rental cars, if rental cars for the instructors or students are an absolute necessity than this needs to be noted and why.

5. Local Point of Contact (POC): the name, email address, and phone numbers of the local POC. This is the person that will be handling all local logistics, the local non-funded student rooster, and communicating with the students with announcements and pre-class reading requirements.

 6. Course Materials: The name, location (not a Post Office Box) address and phone number including zip code where the Auxiliary National Supply Center (ANSC) can ship the course materials via FedEx.

 7. Dates: The dates of both Part A and Part B plus an alternative set of dates should those dates not be available on the calendar.

 8. Number of Students: The number of committed local (50 miles or less from training location) members for both Part A and Part B. Include the roster of perspective committed local students with the request.

 Once the above information is forwarded along with the email request to host an AUXLAMS course the BC will firm up the course instructors and start the formal process of scheduling your AUXLAMS Course.

 The link here (Host POC Checklist) will take you to the AUXILIARY LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT SCHOOL HOST POC CHECKLIST which will provide the POC with other details of hosting a course.