Continuing Education

• A.C.E. Course Number: CG-1717-0023
• CGAUX Course Code: 501061
• Length: 1 week (45 Hours)
• Exhibit (Effective) Dates: 01/12-Present
• Credit Recommendation: 3 upper-division semester hours (baccalaureate category) in leadership
• Source: Military Guides Online

Any Auxiliarist, who has taken AUXLAMS since 1 January 2012, is eligible for three (3) semester hours in Leadership in upper level at the undergraduate college. This credit is recommended by ACE. It is up to the receiving school to accept and apply it toward the undergraduate degree.

Auxiliarists desiring to have an official transcript forwarded to their PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION AND OR STATE LICENSING AGENCY should follow the instructions below.

1. Did you serve in the Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corp, or Navy?

Yes – Go to the CG Institute website and follow the link to the Joint Services Transcript (JST) website to create an account. (If JST comes up as no record found, follow the No instructions as your service predates the records that JST has available.)

(Air Force Veterans and CG Auxiliary only should follow these directions)

No – Go to the CG Institute website and follow the directions to request a correction to the JST found under the “Go To College” section.

2. Do you have completion certificates or letters for the courses?

Yes – Forward COPIES of the certificates to CG Institute with the CGI-1562. They cannot guarantee the return of Originals. Once a hard copy document has been entered into the system it is destroyed by shredding.

No – Sorry, they cannot add courses to the JST without official documentation.

**NOTE: Please include a copy of your AUXLAMS Certificate **

**IMPORTANT NOTE: The CG Institute cannot access Personally Identifiable Information through AUXDATA or AUXOFF which is needed to build a record for Auxiliarists who have not served in the Gold Side Coast Guard or another branch of the Armed Forces.

Additional information that is needed to create JST record.

• Full SSN
• Date of Birth
• Auxiliary Enrollment date and EMPLID

The CG Institute doesn’t want to expose YOUR Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Yet they still need to obtain it to build your JST record.

• Mail documentation with PII via USPS.
• Fax the documents and then call the CG Institute with the needed PII, (405-954-7249).
• Email the scanned documents (.pdf format is preferred) with the PII and password protect them. Send the password via separate email or phone (405-954-0072) the CG Institute with it.
• If you are located near a CG Gold unit, you may request the ESO submit your documents through TACCTS. A tracking system within the CG gold side firewall.

Once your JST record is built, you will be notified via email and further instructions will be sent on how to have your JST sent to your school of choice.
Questions e-mail the CG Institute at